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My Blue Top Obsession

UPDATED on August 16 with an online catalog of links to all new tops! Click here to go right to the catalog.

A couple of months ago, I was looking for a top to wear for an Instagram style challenge, and I realized something: my blue top collection is out of control. Blue is my favorite color, and I’m drawn to blue shirts when I go shopping – navy, turquoise, royal, baby – any shade of blue will do. I especially like blue and white shirts, as this picture demonstrates:

Clearly, I do not. need. another. blue. shirt. Looking at these shirts and seeing several that still had tags on them made me realize that I didn’t need to buy anything new in May, I just needed to shop my closet. I set a #noshoppingchallenge (you can read the post here) and posted my outfits on Instagram.

Of the tops I’m wearing, the third is available in all sizes, and the fifth is available in medium. I got those from Talbots in April. I still have blue shirts in my closet that I haven’t worn, and two of the four tops I got for my summer wardrobe are blue, so I’m cutting myself off! No blue shirts for me! But…that doesn’t mean I can’t look, right? Since I’m not buying any more blue tops, I’m sharing some of my favorites here. I’ll just live vicariously through you.

UPDATE: I followed all the links to see what is still in stock and what sizes are available. The tops are available in all sizes unless otherwise noted or sold out. Click here to go to the online catalog of NEW tops!

Top row: sold out | two (L and XL) | three

Middle row: four (XL) | five  (2 and 10) | sold out

Bottom row: sold out  | eight | nine

Do you have a favorite color or style you can’t resist? Do you set limits for yourself or give into temptation? I managed to buy only two new blue tops this summer – surely a record!


2 thoughts on “My Blue Top Obsession

  1. well CRUD!! Now that I have said I need to commit to a “no blue tops” decision, I will have to skip #3… but I LOVE IT!!!!! I should do a “blue top every day” challenge and see how long till I’ve worn them all…and then I’d probably NEVER want to buy another blue shirt again!!! What do you think? We could do that next month 🙂

    1. Oops – you spoke too soon, I guess! I was thinking about doing a blue top challenge. Let’s do it!!! We could probably twin on some things. I may seriously have enough for 31 days, although some tops might be too warm. I say we go for it!!!

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