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Organizing Michelle’s Closet

My client, Michelle, shares a large walk-in closet with her husband, Preston. They live in an older house in Houston with their two daughters, and closet space is limited, so they store things like wrapping supplies, mementos, and the vacuum here. Michelle wanted help decluttering her wardrobe, getting rid of clothes that no longer work for her, and organizing the space to make it more functional. We accomplished all that and more!


This is the view when you open the closet door. Michelle has some clothes on these rods, but Preston’s clothes take up most of the space.

michelle's closet left corner before

Most of Michelle’s wardrobe is on this side of the closet. A lot of these clothes don’t fit, are out of style, or are the wrong color for her.

michelle's closet right corner before

Michelle has good storage space for jewelry and accessories, but the clutter makes it hard to find what she’s looking for.

michelle's closet accessories before

This space is behind the closet door. In addition to her dresses, Michelle hangs clothes she wears frequently here so she doesn’t have to search for them on the other side of the closet.

michelle's closet dresses and shoes before

Some of my clients like to take everything out of their closets before we start going through their wardrobes, but Michelle and I did hers by category. I taught her the KonMari method of decluttering – she picked up each item and paid attention to how it made her feel. If something brought her joy, she kept it; if not, she put it in a bag for donation. We set the maybes aside for Michelle to try on after we finished.

I love going through my clients’ wardrobes with them. It gives me a chance to see what styles and colors they like, what works for their body types, and what brands are their favorites. It’s also an opportunity to talk about why they have clothes they don’t like or wear and what’s keeping them from getting rid of them. As we go through the piles, I make a list of what they need so they can shop with purpose and avoid filling their closets again with clothes they don’t really love.


Michelle’s closet looks amazing! Her clothes are neatly organized and accessible. We were able to put most of her wardrobe in one area so it’s easy for her to choose what to wear each morning.

michelle's closet left corner after
michelle's closet all clothes after

michelle's closet purses after

michelle's closet close up tops afterHanging order left to right: jackets/blazers, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless tops, camis.

michelle's closet close up bottoms after

Hanging order left to right: pants skirts, shorts, t-shirts.

michelle's closet behind the door after

Michelle doesn’t have to hang frequently-worn clothes here anymore – she has plenty of room on the other side of her closet for a chic boutique filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories chosen especially for her.

michelle's closet left corner before and aftermichelle's closet main wall befoe and aftermichelle's closet dresses before and aftermichelle's closet shoes before and after

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