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Closet Organization: Seema’s Closet

Seema's Closet OrganizationSeema is married and the mom of two young boys. She works for an attorney and doesn’t have to dress up for work; her wardrobe is full of casual tops and leggings she can lounge and work out in. Like many women with disorganized closets, the clothes she wore often were in the front, while the other pieces languished in the back. She needed help with closet organization to streamline her morning routine.

Before Closet Organization

Seema has a narrow walk-in closet. Her casual and work clothes were mixed together, and she never wore the shoes that were neatly stacked in clear plastic boxes. Most of the items on the shelf belonged elsewhere.

Before Closet Organization Face OnBefore Closet Organization RightBefore Closet Organization Top ShelfBefore Closet Organization LeftBefore Closet Organization Top LeftBefore Closet Organization Bottom LeftBefore Closet Organization Shoes

During Closet Organization

I always give my clients a choice – we can take everything out of the closet at once or remove clothes from one section at a time. Seema chose the latter. This pile is her work tops. When she saw how many she had, knowing she didn’t need as many dressy professional clothes as she used to wear, it was easy for Seema to discard tops she hadn’t worn in a long time.

During Closet Organization Bed

After we went through her clothes and shoes, Seema had twelve bags to give to a local charity.

During Closet Organization Bags

We finished going through her wardrobe in about three hours. I put everything into categories (tops, dresses, skirts, and pants) and switched out hangers from wire or plastic to slim, felt-covered ones. We removed most of the things from the top shelf and discarded the shoe boxes. Seema went through her purses and accessories after I left. This is what the closet looked like after our first session:

During Closet Organization Face OnDuring Closet Organization LeftDuring Closet Organization Shoes

After Closet Organization

I went to Seema’s house for another session a few days later. Seema had purchased a hanging shoe bag and, a purse organizer, and some skirt hangers. She switched out the dry cleaning hangers to felt ones for her pants while I went to work, organizing each category. I recommend that clients fold their lounge/workout tops and put them in drawers, but since Seema wears hers every day, she wanted to hang them in her closet.

KonMari Method

I used the hanging order Marie Kondo describes in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – heavy to lightweight fabrics, long- to short-sleeves, and dark to light colors. I hung her shirts on the left side – casual/work out shirts on top and work-appropriate tops on the bottom. I put everything else on the right side.

After Closet Organization Face On

I hung dresses, pants, and skirts from back to front. I filled the shoe bag with flats and flip-flops and hung it close to the doorway, because she wears those daily. Notice the absence of clutter on the shelf – it makes a big difference in the light! My top tip for keeping your closet functional and pretty is to put only wardrobe-related items in it – clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, hats,  jewelry, and even a suitcase are fine.

After Closet Organization RightAfter Closet Organization Pants and Skirts

I put the shoes she doesn’t wear as often on the bottom shelf. Now she can see what she has – no more stacks of unworn footwear!

After Closet Organization Shoes

The casual tops are arranged from long- to short-sleeve and from dark to light. Seema has a plethora of black and grey tops, and she gravitates toward red/pink, green, blue, and violet.

After Closet Organization Casual Tops

I arranged her work tops identically to the casual ones, right down to the color palette. One benefit of going through every item of clothing and hanging what you keep by type and color is that you can easily see your style and color preferences, which saves a lot of money when shopping.

After Closet Organization Work Tops

I usually hang camis after short-sleeve tops, but since Seema wears these under both long- and short-sleeve shirts, I hung them in the middle.

After Closet Organization Camis

Seema has a beautiful, functional closet now. Everything in her wardrobe is visible, which makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze. If you’d like to transform your closet from chaos to calm, you can find out more about my closet organization services here.

2 thoughts on “Closet Organization: Seema’s Closet

  1. Wow! What a wonderful transformation. She has a small closet but now that it’s so organized it’s amazing how big it looks! Great job!!

    1. Thank you so much! She has enough space for everything in her wardrobe, she just had too much stuff. Thanks for reading!

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