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Closet Organization: Joyee’s Closet

A few months ago, I helped my friend, Beth, organize her closet. Beth is the founder of Kid Fun Houston, a website with a wealth of information about things to do with kids in Houston, and she wrote a post about her experience. I gave away a closet organizing session to a member of Kid Fun Houston’s Facebook group, and Joyee Vachani was the lucky winner.

Joyee is a pediatrician and a professor at one of Houston’s medical schools, a wife, and a mom to two young girls. She recently lost weight and had a closet full of clothes she couldn’t wear, and her closet wasn’t functional. I went to Joyee’s house one morning when her girls were at school, and we transformed her closet from chaos to calm in about three hours.

Before Closet Organizing

Joyee’s closet was full of clothes she didn’t need as well as miscellaneous items like birthday gifts and household supplies she should store in other areas of the house.

Before full view WM

She had plenty of hanging room and drawer space, but the clutter on the floor made it difficult to reach her clothes.

Before view right side dresser WMBefore view left WM

Joyee is Indian and has a variety of clothes to wear for weddings and other special occasions. They are hanging from the rod on the left in this picture.

The first thing we did was take everything except what was in her drawers out of the closet.

During WMDuring right WMDuring Left WM

During Closet Organizing

I explained the KonMari method to Joyee – keep only the clothes that bring you joy – and then she was ready to tackle the piles!

Piles of clothes WM

Once we got in a groove, Joyee was able to let go of clothing that no longer fit or isn’t in style, and she delighted in finding dresses she loved but hadn’t been able to wear in a couple of years. She was reluctant to part with the Indian clothes because a lot of them were handmade, but she finally settled on keeping the things she truly loved and might wear again. When we finished, she had a pile of clothes to keep and a large pile of clothes to donate.

Keep Pile WMDonate WM

After Closet Organizing

I got to work, hanging everything up the KonMari way. We decided to put the dresses she wears every day where the Indian clothes had hung; they’re the first thing you see when you walk into the closet, and it makes Joyee happy to see them! The Indian clothes are now on the side with the dresser.

After full view WM

After left WMAfter Indian clothes WM

I hung Joyee’s tops according to Marie Kondo’s method:

  • dark colors to light
  • heavy fabrics to lightweight
  • long-sleeves to short to sleeveless

Close Up Tops WM

I love the way Joyee’s dresses look. It’s like a Joyee boutique, filled with all the vibrant colors and patterns she loves!

Close Up Dresses WM

Joyee keeps her shoes downstairs by the back door, so she did the shoes on her own after I left.

Shoes WM

Working with Joyee was so much fun. She had a positive attitude and was open to thinking about her clothes in a new way. In my opinion, your clothes should make you look and feel beautiful and confident every day, and you shouldn’t dread opening your closet door in the morning. If you’d like to find out more about my closet organizing services, click here.

2 thoughts on “Closet Organization: Joyee’s Closet

    1. Hi, Julia – thanks for reading and commenting. Joyee’s closet is one of my favorite transformations. Seeing all that floor space is so calming. She doesn’t have to risk injury every time she gets dressed! 🙂

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