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Instagram Style Challenge #wearwhatwherefebruary: Week 2

I’m participating in the #wearwhatwherefebruary style challenge on Instagram this month (you can read about my outfits in Week 1 here.) It’s been really fun to create a new outfit each day, something I haven’t done in a long time. I’ve remixed pieces from my closet in new combinations, and I’ve reached into my Stella & Dot stash for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings I haven’t worn in a while, so everything in my closet is getting a little love. I’ve also enjoyed following everyone who is participating on Instagram and seeing how they interpret each day’s theme. There are a lot of stylish people wearing cute clothes out there!

Most of the clothes in my wardrobe aren’t for sale anymore, but I’ve linked to some of the things that are still in the stores and found similar pieces for others. I listed the jewelry I’m wearing, and you can shop my website here(I am an independent stylist for Stella & Dot. If you place an order through my link, I will earn commission. Thank you for supporting my fashion business!)

This is the list of daily themes:

#wearwhatwherefebruary style prompt list

Day 8: Candy Heart Hues

This was such a fun theme to see in my Instagram feed – lots of pale pinks, yellows, and purples – but I don’t have many pastels in my wardrobe, so my selection was limited. I decided to wear one of my favorite tops from Gretty Zueger, denim Lysse leggings, and multi-colored Tieks (they’re sold out, but you can join the wait list.) The lace in the shirt made me think of doilies, and doilies and Conversation Hearts go together like PB&J, so BAM! I styled this outfit with two bold Stella & Dot necklaces, bringing in one of the candy heart hues. You can find the top and leggings at Marlo Miller Boutique in Houston. Stella & Dot: Essential Fringe Necklace, Pavilion Necklace, Isadora Hoops, Artisan Marquis Cuff, retired bangles, Icon Convertible Watch, Arrison Stretch Bracelet.#wearwhatwherefebruary  Candy Heart Hues

Day 9: Roses & Rubies Are Red

I loved this theme because I got to wear one of my favorite cabi blazers, the Beau Jacket. I doubled up on the red with the Tie Back Tee and Knight Skinny Jeans, all of which were from cabi’s Fall 2015 season. The jeans look black in this picture, but they are really a dark blue wash. I wore my leopard Tieks – I love leopard and red together. Stella & Dot: Aida Tassel Pendant Necklace, Aida Tassel Chandeliers, retired bangles (they’re my favorites – I have them in silver and rose gold and will never part with them, Pave Sphinx Cuff, and Icon Convertible Watch.#wearwhatwherefebruary  Roses & Rubies Are Red

Day 10: Pink Passion Fashion

The Zigzag Jacket was one of my favorite cabi purchases last fall. I knew it would be perfect to wear with the Nectar Skinny Jeans from last spring. I’ve worn this jacket with my beloved Bordeaux skinnies, but this is the first time I paired it with pink jeans, and I love the look! I really like the details on the Adore Blouse (cabi Fall 2015,) and the long pendant necklace echoes the lines of the blouse and the jacket. The grey 9 West booties are sold out, but DSW still has them in black and brown. Stella & Dot: Eclipse Pendant Necklace (can be worn long or short,) retired studs, Renegade Bracelet, silver bangles.#wearwhatwherefebruary  Pink Passion Fashion Day 11: Little White Tee

One of my Facebook friends posted a picture of herself wearing this coffee shirt, and I just had to have it. She was so sweet – she went to the store and got me one, then mailed it to me. I’m wearing it with a chambray tunic from Nordstrom (similar,) black Lysse leggings, and grey Chucks. Stella & Dot: Aurelia Pendant Necklace, Aurelia Drop Earrings, Pave Arrow Cuff, Sparkle Inspiration Bangle, retired bangles.#wearwhatwherefebruary  Little White Tee

Day 12 – Be My ValenSHINE

This might be my favorite outfit from this week. I love the giraffe print Ginger Top and Dark Destruction Boyfriend Jeans from cabi’s Fall 2015 season – they are both wardrobe staples. The ivory patchwork sweater is from cabi a couple of seasons ago. I saw a picture of someone wearing it with this top and searched for it on a resale site. I love the way the rounded front creates an hourglass shape. The necklace and blush Tieks add shine. Stella & Dot: Riad Layering Necklace and retired earrings. #wearwhatwherefebruary  Be My ValenSHINE

The Riad Layering Necklace is the necklace you should add to your jewelry wardrobe this spring. You can get seven different looks with this trio – more, really, when you layer other necklaces with it. At $89, it really is style for a steal!

#wearwhatwherefebruary Riad Layering Necklace

Day 13 – Date Night

I didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, but I did have this adorable blue and white striped shirt with hearts on the sleeves. I’m wearing my cabi Celadon Cargos from last spring and my Chucks. Love those sneaks! The shirt is sold out, but I found similar options for you. Cabi has a pair of olive green pants this season, which you can see here. They have a relaxed fit compared to the pants I’m wearing. Olive is a must-have neutral for your spring wardrobe. Stella & Dot: Riad Layering Necklace and Aria Drop Earrings. #wearwhatwherefebruary  Date Night

Day 14 – Valentine Vixen

Since I didn’t get dressed up for Valentine’s Day, I created a flat lay of the outfit I would have worn if I’d gone out. The Fatale Blouse and Infinite Vest are from cabi Fall 2014, and the Nouveau Leggings are from Fall 2015. I love these shoes from Naturalizer. They’re the highest heels I own and probably the closest thing to vixen I’ll ever get! Stella & Dot: Eclipse Pendant and retired bracelet and earrings.

#wearwhatwherefebruary  Valentine Vixen

Which outfit is your favorite? If you would like to participate in the challenge, like my Facebook page, and you can post pictures of your outfits there. I’d love to see how you interpret the daily themes!

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