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Tidying Up the KonMari Way: Halfway There, Part 2

I’m halfway through my KonMari journey. It’s been a rewarding process, and I’m eager to finish so I can enjoy a clutter-free home. (You can read part one of this post here.) I’ve completed clothes, books, papers, and bath and beauty products; I have a lot of komono, or miscellaneous items, left, including the kitchen, home and office supplies, general home decor, and seasonal decor. Before I tackled the remaining categories, I had to do something about my second bedroom/office, which I use as a sitting room. It’s a catch-all for everything I have to put away quickly when tidying up for guests or right before my housekeeper comes. I can’t wait until I can enjoy reading and watching TV in this room!

I decided to take everything out of the closet, console, and etagere and sort it into plastic bins by category. Then, when I get to home supplies, office supplies, the kitchen, etc., I can grab that bin and sort it with the other items in that category. Here’s what they looked like before:

Closet CollageThis has been a thorn in my side for so long! I tried to store things in an orderly manner, but nothing ever seemed right. One of the things Marie Kondo says in her book is that your possessions will tell you where they want to go; you just have to listen to them. Now that I’ve had some experience with her method, I understand what she means. One of the reasons I’ve kept my KonMaried spaces tidy is that everything is in its right place. I really hope listening to the closet, shelves, and drawers in this room works, too!

The drawers are a mishmash of pens, business cards, tape (why can’t I ever find tape when I have several rolls in these drawers?) and old reading glasses, which I no longer need because I have a prescription for both far- and nearsightedness now.

Drawer close upI took everything out of the drawers and cabinet and sorted it into the bins.

Empty drawers

Bins labeledI did the closet next.

Empty closetI thought I was finished, but then I closed the door.

Behind the doorSee all that Tupperware? I ordered it from my friend, Robin but never washed and put it away in the kitchen. This is why I need the life-changing magic!

Everything sorted with dogs

Now that I’ve sorted everything into bins, I’m ready to tackle the rest of the komono. 

Tidying Up Komono List 5 checked

In her book, Marie says it’s not necessary to do komono in order, especially if you live alone. I don’t have much electrical equipment, I purged my kitchen a couple of months ago when I was following another organizing program, and my household supplies are minimal. I’m saving the kitchen for last because it will be pretty easy for me to re-declutter.

I think home decor probably falls into “other” on the list. I listened to my house, and it told me that I should do Christmas decorations, then all other holiday and seasonal decorations, then general home decorations, including knick knacks, vases, candles, jars, bowls, and serving pieces, so that’s what I plan to do.

Most of the things in those categories are in my garage, and although I’m not looking forward to working in my garage in a Houston summer, I am eager to check off decorations on my list. Once I finish going through those, I can quickly complete the other categories and move on to sentimental items, which is the last KonMari category.

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2 thoughts on “Tidying Up the KonMari Way: Halfway There, Part 2

  1. WOW!!!!! My exact plan for our terrible basement! Sort it all according to the category I will be “KonMari’ing” it in! I will also pull the random things that have been stuffed into this closet or that cabinet, and adding them to the sorted categories. I got unbelievably excited when I saw that you had done the same thing I am about to start! 🙂

    1. I’m so excited for you, Sabriena!!! This is truly a life-changing moment for you, deciding to follow this method. I can’t wait to hear about how you are doing!

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