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Stella & Dot on TV!

Are you a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Lisa Rinna hosted a Stella & Dot trunk show on the January 27 episode. You can read about it here and watch the episode here if you have a subscription to Bravo. My friend, Susan, was on the episode with a small group of stylists who showed the jewelry to the guests and helped take orders. Here are some stills from the trunk show:

RHOBH with Lisa Rinna

Stella & Dot Director, Ali McNeely, sat down with Lisa Rinna to plan the show.

RHOBH Trunk Show

In the top left picture, Lisa and Ali are wearing on of my favorite bracelets, the Renegade Cluster in gold.


My friend, Susan, is the stylist on the far left.

Real Housewives is not my cup of tea – too much drunken yelling – but it was fun to see all the Hollywood ladies ooh and ahh over our jewelry, and Lisa’s house is gorgeous. The show was in her backyard, and the view was amazing!

Stella & Dot was also on Undercover Boss last night! Our CEO and founder, Jessica Herrin, went undercover in our distribution warehouse, design studio, and our customer service call center. She also posed as a new stylist and went to a trunk show with one of the Senior Directors in our company (who didn’t believe Jessica’s disguise for a minute!)

Jessica UCB

No amount of bad blonde wigs, dowdy clothes, and glasses could fool someone into thinking our fashionable CEO was just a regular employee!

You can watch the episode here. The episode was very positive, different from some of the other episodes I’ve seen. No disgruntled employees (I saw an episode in which the CEO fired someone on the spot for his poor attitude and performance,) no major problems in any of the four places Jessica visited, and I think people got a realistic look at what this global, billion-dollar business in the making is all about.

Undercover Boss collage

I think you can see why I love this company and my job as a stylist so much!

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