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Guest Bloggers: Too Cheap Blondes

Today’s guest blog post is a little different from what I usually write about on Kelly Gartner Style. I love shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories, and it’s great to get something on sale, but I’m not a bargain hunter. When I find something I like that looks good, fits well, and is in my size, I buy it! For some people, though, bargain hunting is a sport. For others, it’s an extreme sport, and that’s where today’s guest bloggers, Jen and Pippa, come in.

Jen Meneely and Pippa Williams met in line at Goodwill in April 2013. They wrote their first blog post together a week later, then began filming segments for local television shows six weeks after that. Both Jen and Pippa grew up shopping at thrift stores, something they weren’t keen on as kids. Now they shop thrift stores four to five times a week! They share tips for thrift store shopping, fashion finds for $2.00, and ways to incorporate trends into your wardrobe on their blog, Too Cheap Blondes. They recently filmed a segment with local news anchor, Courtney Zavala, about thrift shopping for holiday outfits.

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Tomorrow, Jen and Pippa will launch a new segment on Houston’s ABC affiliate called “Thrifty Thursdays,” and Kelly Gartner Style has a sneak peek!

Guest Bloggers Too Cheap Blondes

We are super excited to launch our new weekly segment “Thrifty Thursdays” this week on ABC13, the first of its kind in Houston. Channel 13 will ask viewers to send photos of outfits via social media that we recreate from different thrift stores. We will post the stores and prices, and the outfits will be added to a running slideshow each week and linked back to our blog.

Pinterest Outfit Recreation

We recreated this popular outfit on Pinterest with thrift store finds.

We truly have a passion for thrift shopping. On average, Pippa and I go thrifting four to five times a week. We see so many amazing items in thrift stores and, obviously, we can’t buy them all, so we want to share the wealth and let women know that they can look great without spending a fortune on their wardrobes. We leave about 90% of what we show you in the stores – we can only buy so much!

Typically, Pippa and I start out our week with a Monday morning brainstorming session. We call each other, discuss what we have going on that week, talk about any new fashion trends we’ve noticed, peruse Pinterest, adding things to our shared boards, then go to work shopping to make our ideas and inspirations come to life.

We also share style tips, thrift shopping tips, and ways to achieve a designer look on a budget. For instance, this two-piece set from an upscale boutique in Houston when worn together is overwhelming but when worn as separates is amazing!

Tootsies Set

We found this two-piece outfit from Tootsie’s for $4.00.

Tootsie's skirt

 Pair the skirt with a turtleneck for a chic, designer look.

Marchesa thrift storeThe top makes a gorgeous tunic, similar to the Marchesa inspiration dress.

Join us tomorrow as we show women how to create on-trend outfits with a seriously tiny budget. Our outfits are usually $20.00 from head to toe, and almost 100% of each outfit is made up of high-quality, high-end, designer pieces. We rarely feature items from Target, Forever 21, Express, Banana Republic, etc.

Thrifty Thursday logo

Jen and Pippa’s blog is a treasure trove of information. If you love designers like Chanel, Gucci, and Prada or stores like Anthropologie, J. Crew, and Brooks Brothers, read Too Cheap Blondes to find out how you can get the looks you love for less. I’ll link to the video of the segment after it airs tomorrow, so come back to see the outfits Jen and Pippa create for “Thrifty Thursdays!”

UPDATE: Here is the link to the November 13 “Thrifty Thursdays” with Too Cheap Blondes!

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    1. Two Cheap Blondes features clothing and accessories they find at various thrift stores in Houston. They share tips on how to find great items at thrift stores on their blog, so be sure to click the link!

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