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Guest Blogger: The Wheelchair Mommy

Our guest blogger today is Priscilla Hedlin from The Wheelchair Mommy. I met Priscilla through a Houston-area blog conference group (although she lives in Pflugerville near Austin) and was immediately drawn to her writing style. She writes about her husband and their three boys, homeschooling, meal planning, and life in a wheelchair. She’s sassy and stylish and has a great sense of humor – her fashion series is called The Stylish Gimp, and I love this drawing because she’s a) wearing a statement necklace, b) wearing boots, and c) holding a glass of what I’m going to say is Prosecco because it’s my favorite drink and I’m sure we would be drinking it if she were sitting by me right now. Look at her TSG logo – it’s a wheel! Pretty clever, huh?

The Stylish GimpOne of my goals for Kelly Gartner Style is to make fashion accessible to every woman who wants to be stylish regardless of age, body type, budget, or mobility, so I was thrilled when Priscilla said she’d contribute to this series. I think you will appreciate her style as a mom-on-the-go, a wife who wants to look sexy on date nights with her husband, and a woman who feels fabulous when she puts on a killer outfit.

Guest Blogger The Wheelchair Mommy

I homeschool my 3 boys so our weeks are long; very long. That being said, we have gotten into a routine of eating out on the weekends. I guess after a long, stressful week, we just don’t have anything left in us to cook. 

This isn’t always the plan. I want to cook on the weekends. It’s cheaper. My husband is home so there shouldn’t be any kids underfoot. There are so many reasons why I should be in the kitchen.

On Sunday, my husband was craving enchiladas and I was desperate for a margarita so we chose a local Tex-Mex place. It’s not our favorite but it’s cheap and has GIANT margaritas. Win-Win.

The boys NEVER refuse Tex-Mex because it means queso, which in turn means we waste $5/each on their kid’s meals because they fill up before the food arrives. Someday we will learn not to order them anything else, but for now it’s worth it. Did I mention they have REALLY big margaritas?

So what does a mom of 3 boys wear out to eat?! Pink of course. I don’t have much pink around the house, except in the kitchen and my closet so I love to wear pink. Looking at these pictures, I really need more. It suits me, don’t you agree?!

That might pose a problem. The day after this picture was taken I started a capsule wardrobe project and I forget to include pink. Uh, oh! I may have to make adjustments to my capsule. It’s not cheating if I’m only one week in, right?

The Wheelchair Mommy pink outfit
Priscilla getting in car

Me again!

Okay, y’all – how cute is she?? I love the black and white striped dress with the bubblegum pink cardigan. The scarf and boots add interest and what I’m gonna call trademark Priscilla flair. And I totally think she can add pink into her capsule wardrobe a week in – my lips are sealed!

Check out a few of her other outfit posts:

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The Wheelchair Mommy Priscilla Hedlin

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Doesn’t she look like Mary Louise Parker in that picture?? Priscilla has a relaxed, easy style, starting with great foundational pieces – a cardigan, a button-down shirt, a white skirt, clothes she can easily work into a variety of outfits. She punches up her wardrobe with accessories like scarves and statement necklaces. (I knew there was a reason I liked her!)

Thanks, Priscilla, for being our guest blogger today. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your capsule outfits. I don’t think I could limit myself to 33 items for three months!

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