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Guest Blogger: Asbury Lane Style

Fresh Fall Color: Burgundy

I’m excited to launch a guest blogger series today! I am so happy that you read my blog and like my sense of style – it’s gratifying to know you appreciate my posts and often learn something that helps you look and feel more fashionable. That’s the whole reason I write this blog! But I’m just one person with one perspective on creating and accessorizing outfits. It’s always good to hear from women with other approaches to putting outfits together, and I want to introduce you to some of them!

Our first guest blogger, Pat Boland, blogs at Asbury Lane Style with two of her fashionable friends. From their About page:

We are three ladies who decided that there wasn’t enough style information out there for those of us in our late 30s and up. Many of the ‘fashion’ pages show styles that look great on the 20-year olds, but what about the rest of us?! So, we decided we would try to remedy that by setting up this site. Just because we have reached a certain age does not mean that we don’t care what we look like!

Pat and I met through a networking group called Women Helping Women Network. She read my blog, I perused her website, and we decided to have lunch. In addition to our mutual love of fashion and a wish to give women in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s (and beyond) the tools to create a fabulous wardrobe, we also discovered that we both enjoy traveling, going to the theatre, and exploring our city. I think you will appreciate Asbury Lane Style’s take on one of the must-have colors for fall.

Guest Blogger Asbury Lane Style

Burgundy outfit Asbury Lane Style

Our favorite color this fall is burgundy. It’s rich, warm and luxurious and evokes cooler weather, logs on the fire and a wool throw. Or at least it does to us! There are many great pieces in stores right now to add to your wardrobe. Think cotton blend or cashmere sweaters, leggings, tights, soft corduroy pants, a silk scarf or a knit tank to layer under a jacket or tunic.

Burgundy is really a fall “neutral” – it works so well with khaki, black, brown, navy, denim, white, and ivory. It can mix and mingle with various shades of pink and mauve. The key to wearing burgundy for most people is to add a “pop” – burgundy is a rich jewel tone that shines when coordinated with other colors. A soft knit burgundy top, for example, works well with our new khaki, black and white patterned pants. Add a creamy, lush ivory sweater to burgundy cords and slip on some brown short boots. A burgundy tunic adds depth to our skinny indigo jeans and colorful print scarf. Burgundy coordinates well with both silver and gold jewelry, pearls and rhinestones. It also shines as a perfect fall nail color, and there are many shades of lipstick to choose from as well.

We love it so much we have featured several mix-and-match burgundy separates on our blog, Asbury Lane Style, this season. Put another log on the fire and enjoy!

And now, back to me!

Don’t you just love this fresh, fall color combination? I’ve never thought of burgundy as a neutral. I have burgundy leggings and tights, but I usually wear them with a print dress or tunic with burgundy in it. I love the look of the burgundy cords, and I bet they feel really soft! Here are some other outfits I liked from Asbury Lane Style:

Burgundy for fall

Pink necklace with burgundy cords

Long necklace with burgundy

I love the mauve and burgundy pairing, especially with the pink and purple accessories. I often accessorize with contrasting colors, and I wouldn’t have thought to wear different shades of pink and purple together. These outfits feel very calm, like the variegated shades on a paint swatch.

Thanks for being our very first guest blogger, Pat! Make sure you visit Asbury Lane Style for more ideas on how to work burgundy into your fall wardrobe!

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