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How to Order Your Custom Engravable Necklace

Look has your name

This look has YOUR name all over it!

In yesterday’s post, I introduced Stella & Dot’s new line of custom engravable necklaces, ID tags, and cufflinks. There are so many possibilities, and a Stella & Dot stylist can help you choose what to engrave and personalize it. But what if your personal Stella & Dot stylist isn’t sitting beside you while you decide what you want? You can order online by following these three easy steps:

Choose what you want to engrave

Personalize It

Preview and Shop

Looking for inspiration? Here are some pictures I pulled from one of Stella & Dot’s Pinterest boards:

41N 87W mine
Try putting geographic coordinates of a place you love on your Stella and Dot engraved bar necklace (these are Chicago’s coordinates!)
College Ideas
Do you have a student in college this year? What a fun way for her to show her school pride!
Survivor Monogram trio
Engrave a meaningful word or phrase on your necklace, a touchstone to remind you of your strength and purpose.

Every engraved necklace tells a story. What will yours say? You can order your own custom engravable necklace, ID tag, or cufflinks by clicking this link. You can also contact me with questions – I would be delighted to help you create a necklace for yourself or someone else.  Stay tuned for ideas about how to wear your Stella & Dot engravable necklace!

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