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Introducing Custom Engravable Necklaces

This summer, Stella & Dot launched a new line of custom engravable necklaces, ID tags, and cufflinks, and it’s been a huge success. I love helping customers choose just the right word or phrase, initials or numbers to honor the people, places, and things that are important to them. Monograms are the most popular engraving, but I’ve done business names, nicknames, anniversary dates, and team sayings or battle cries. There are so many possibilities!

These are my necklaces:

Engravable Necklace Collage

Here are some examples of necklaces I’ve helped customers design:

Customer Engravable Necklace Collage

We also have cufflinks:

Cufflinks Collage

Each engravable necklace, ID tag, and pair of cufflinks is unique to the individual who created it. WUFIT (West U Fitness) is the name of the gym my friends, Cassie and Brent, own. LUVOO is how my niece said “I love you” when she was two. Although most people use their first, middle, and last name initials for monogram necklaces, my customer, Elizabeth, wanted her necklace to say ELR for Elizabeth loves Rolando. QUIZZER is a nickname for a customer whose last name is Quisenberry. BNR are the initials of my customer, Kyle’s, wife and two daughters. He used their initials instead of his own so he would always have his girls with him.

What would you put on your engravable? Would you do a traditional or modern monogram with your initials? A word or phrase that is special to you? Your anniversary or another significant date? The jersey number of your favorite football player? Come back tomorrow to learn how to order your custom engravable necklace!

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