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Meeting Molly Ringwald

Nothing illustrates my blog’s tagline – Restyling my life one necklace at a time – like the day I had yesterday.

It started with a presentation to my networking group. I am a member of BNI Memorial, a category-exclusive referral network that meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:00. Every week, members give 30-second commercials for their businesses; twice a year, each member gives a longer presentation (5-7 minutes) to the group, and yesterday was my day.

I set up trays with jewelry and accessories at each table and laid a Holiday Guide at each place. During the presentation, I walked around the room, demonstrating some of the trends for the holidays and talking about the benefits of hosting a trunk show. If you put sparkly stuff within reach, adults, just like children, will pick it up and try it on, but I was not ready for one of the guys to stand up and model the gorgeous Kahlo Necklace and another (who is well over six feet tall) to throw our Jeweled Zebra scarf around his neck and declare it the perfect accessory to his business suit!

After the meeting, I homeschooled one of my students, then got a massage at Zalla Massage. Zalla is a member of my BNI group, and she and her staff give the BEST massages. (If you live in Houston, go to Zalla. You will see what I mean.) I went home, showered and changed, then went to a reception/fundraiser for Wendy Davis, who is running for governor of Texas.

The fundraiser was at the River Oaks home of wealthy Democrat donors, Richard and Ginni Mithoff. Think Hollywood Hills or penthouse apartment on Park Avenue. Sitting on several acres that gently slope down to Buffalo Bayou, the MIthoffs’ house is contemporary and well-suited for the many political and charity fundraisers they host.

Now, I have never attended a political fundraiser, much less one at the home of some of Houston’s best-known patrons, but I wanted to support Wendy, and when I received an email stating that Molly Ringwald would be there and would be performing, I got a ticket. I was tired after my long day, but I threw on some Stella & Dot and sailed out the door. I may have looked a little haggard, but my accessories were fabulous, which boosted my confidence.

The Mithoffs’ foyer looks like a waiting room in a very posh office. A a long hallway leads to a room with floor-to-ceiling windows; the late-afternoon rain blanketed the surrounding woods, a contrast to the buzz in the shoulder-to-shoulder living room. I got a glass of white wine, then surveyed the crowd: former Houston mayor, Bill White; Senator Rodney Eillis, who helped Wendy Davis put on a back brace during her dramatic filibuster in June; Houston’s current mayor, Annise Parker; and then…Molly, who was standing with her husband near the piano.

In February 2012, I wrote a post about my fashion evolution in which I opined about Molly’s style in her iconic movies. It was all I could do not to rush up to her and say, “The outfit you wore in The Breakfast Club is my all-time favorite outfit, and all my life I have wanted to look just like you did in that movie!” ’cause that would have been crazy-stalker-fanish, and I didn’t want to get kicked out of my first fundraiser. I casually inched my way closer to her; I caught the eye of a young guy in a blue-and-white checked shirt, and he complimented me on my necklace. I told him it was Stella & Dot and that I was a rep for the company, and he said his mom really liked it and had a lot of jewelry from the line. We started talking – we were both swanky-River-Oaks-party virgins – glancing occasionally at Molly, who was standing mere feet away from us!

Our host soon got the crowd’s attention and, welcoming us to the event, told the story of how Molly Ringwald came to perform at a fundraiser for a Texas gubernatorial candidate. Molly spoke at a luncheon for the Society of the Performing Arts on Monday; Ginni Mithoff won an award, and her son and daughter-in-law chaired the event. Molly sat at the younger Mithoffs’ table, and when she heard the elder Mithoffs were hosting a fundraiser for Wendy Davis, she asked if she could come. They said yes – if you’ll perform!! Before she sang, Molly said that she and her husband have a no electronics rule at the dinner table and that she broke her own rule the night Wendy filibustered the Texas Senate. Then she sang The Very Thought of You” while standing mere feet away from me and my new friend, Mike!

Wendy spoke after Molly sang. She said she had seen Molly’s movies tens of times (me, too!) and then talked about why she is running for governor. She wants make sure that every Texan has an opportunity to get a good education and a good job and to contribute to Texas’ future.

When the crowd returned to mingling, Mike and I sat down next to an elderly woman named Blake. She animatedly described her years of social and political activism and said she was especially happy to see so many young people at the party. She told us a story: during the 2008 presidential election, she received a call from someone at Obama’s campaign headquarters in Houston. The person told her to come over right away, so she did. When she got there, they asked her to record a robocall, telling people that if she could get herself to the polls at 90, they could, too! I hope I’m as sharp and spunky at 95 as she is!

After my visit with Blake, I got up to meet Wendy. I told her I was a teacher and was impressed with her commitment to public education and higher education in our state and that I thought Texas was ready for some new ideas. She is very calm and focused, and she doesn’t ruffle easily, which is a good thing if you’re in Texas politics.

By this time, most of the guests had left. I caught up with Mike again, and we sort of lingered in the general direction of the Mithoffs, who were talking to Molly. I stepped up to thank our hosts and then introduced myself to Molly. We talked about how great it was that she sang at the event, and I suggested that she save the date to sing at Wendy’s inauguration! (You heard it here first, folks!) She was lovely, and talking to her was the icing on the cake!

And that’s how I met Molly Ringwald.

Molly Ringwald Except Sometimes 40 is the new 30
My party favor

Click here to listen to Molly singing “The Very Thought of You.” (I was standing mere feet away!!!)

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