Easy Dessert Dip

Have you seen all of the dessert dip recipes floating around on Pinterest? One like this, where you have to melt chocolate and whipped cream in a microwave and use an electric beater?

Philadelphia S'more Dessert DipI drooooool over these recipes and pin them, intending to make one for a party. Recipes like these are perfect for someone who doesn’t cook – with minimal skill, I can make something that will wow my friends and family! And I can say I found it on Pinterest so everyone will know I’m tech savvy. 😉

could make one of those recipes, or…I could make dessert dip the easy way.

Easy Dessert Dip Nilla Wafers Betty Crocker Frosting

You will need:

1 box of Nilla Wafers

1 tub of your favorite frosting

Step 1: Open box of Nilla Wafers and place wafers on plate

Step 2: Open can of frosting and spoon frosting into bowl

Enjoy! 😉

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