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Coco Goes to the Beauty Parlor

My dog, Coco, is a small, fluffy, white Bichon. She was originally my mom’s dog; I became Coco’s primary human companion when my mom died a year ago. People stop me all the time to tell me how beautiful she is and ask me where I get her groomed. Mom took Coco to Memorial 610 Bed & Bath Inn every Friday for grooming. She loves going, and she looks sooooooo pretty when I pick her up! She looks good for about five days after her appointment, and most people wouldn’t take her to be groomed weekly, but who am I to deprive Coco of the lifestyle to which she was accustomed?

I present to you Coco: Before and After the Beauty Parlor

Bichon Grooming


Bichon Grooming


Bichon Grooming


She looks better than she smells in the Before picture, which is why I take her to the groomer weekly. I don’t like it when she starts to smell, um, doggie.  When I pick her up, her fur is so fluffy and soft and smooth, and she smells so good! She looks like a stuffed toy Bichon! Coco loves to go to the groomer and runs straight back to the grooming room when I drop her off. I get a little break from her dogginess on Fridays, too, which is nice!

This is what happens when I tell her we’re going to the beauty parlor:

I love that she’s so excited to go! Everyone at Memorial 610 loves her, and I always get a good report. I ♥ my doggie!

Do you have a pet? Do you take your pet to a groomer or do you do it yourself? How often do you groom your pet? Tell me in the comments – I’d love to know if you spoil your dog like I spoil Coco!

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4 thoughts on “Coco Goes to the Beauty Parlor

  1. What a cutiepie! Coco is so spoiled HAHA! My dog also turns her head like that when I talk to her 🙂

    I have a Bichon Havanese, Cosmo (sharing with my sister). We do everything ourselvs. Well we did get her haircut once at a groomer, but thats it. Its so expensive here in Norway which is such a shame. Id love to take her to a groomer and spoil her. Oh and we try to groom her daily – but sometimes it just isnt done for a few days.

  2. I bet Cosmo is adorable, Trine! It’s nice that you and your sister share her. Does Cosmo live with you or her?

    My mom and I shared Coco, too, although Coco lived at my mom’s house until she (Coco) couldn’t go up the stairs anymore. She really is a good dog, although she is very demanding.

  3. Kelly, watching your video of your sweet pup felt bittersweet to me. We had a Bichon who died too early at 13 from leukemia. Coco reminds me sooooo much of our sweet ‘Bubbles’. She used to tilt her head just like that too, only I can’t say she enjoyed the groomer!

    I wrote a post about it called ‘our puppy story’. I don’t want to put the link here but I think you would enjoy reading it. (

    Coco is precious, and I have to say she looks beautiful even on her way to the groomers! I think we took Bubbles maybe once every six weeks or so!

    I found you via ‘Jack the Goldendoodle’. 🙂

  4. Doreen, thank you for coming over! Our pets are family, aren’t they? Bichons are so smart and affectionate – I love all dogs, but I can’t imagine having anyone other than Coco as mine.

    I’m so sorry you lost Bubbles. I’m sure Coco will live forever (magical thinking, I know.) I just don’t know what I would do without her!

    I’ve enjoyed following Jack the Goldendoodle at Melissa’s. That little sister of his is adorable! They make a cute pair. I feel like I could reach into my computer screen and just hug their furry necks!

    I am headed to your blog to read your puppy story. Thanks again for stopping by!

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