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A Room with a View

I recently redecorated my home office and turned it into a chic boutique. It’s a place for reading, blogging, and displaying my jewelry, and I just love being in it. There are sliding glass doors to the patio right off the office, and when I moved in, I hung sliding grasscloth panels for privacy. They didn’t go with the new look, so I took them down, leaving the doors uncovered. Now I sit in my lovely office and gaze upon a less-than-attractive view.

The fence is serviceable, but there are gaps in the wood where pieces have rotted away, and one of the support boards isn’t straight (which really drives me crazy.) I have made several attempts to spruce up the patio, all of them failures. To top it off, the crew that mows the lawn at the complex uses leaf blowers to blow leaves and pine needles off the sidewalks, and they point the blower at my fellow residents’ and my fences, so if I do put something nice out there, it gets trashed every Thursday. I had always been able to keep the doors covered so I didn’t have to look at the mess, but, no more!

I waited out the summer and September; it’s not a good idea to put new plants out because it’s just too hard to keep them alive (at least, that’s what I tell myself.) I was tired of looking at the dried up plants, so last weekend, I went to the nursery and bought a small plant and two smaller pots of flowers in the gorgeous fall colors I love. Now I can enjoy my room and the view!

Patio Before Collage 40 is the new 30

After Patio Collage

It’s a simple change, but it gives me something pretty to look at, and I think Coco likes it, too. 🙂

Do you have a room with a view where you live? Do you like the view, or is there something you would like to change? Tell me about your view in the comments!

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