Love Flash Mob over at Momastery!

Glennon Melton writes one of my favorite blogs, Momastery. You might have read one of her popular posts, like this one or this one. Over the last few years, her community of Monkees has done AMAZING things for people in need like this and this.

Today Monkees are participating in a Love Flash Mob to raise money for kids who need service dogs. Two children have Type 1 Diabetes, one has Down Syndrome, and the other has autism. The service dogs will provide peace of mind to four families charged with keeping their precious little ones safe.

Two things you need to know: anyone can be a Monkee. You want to be one, you are one. And you can only donate $25. That’s right, a Love Flash Mob raises tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars one $25 donation at a time.

Donate if you can. Share this if you know others who might want to donate if they can.

This is Raven – she is ready to provide life-saving assistance to a little girl named Piper!

Click here to donate!

Edited to add: Click here for an update on the Guardian Angel Love Flash Mob! $120,00+ raised in 12 hours! That’s one hundred twenty THOUSAND dollars raised to help four kids get service dogs that will change their lives forever. Mighty awesome for a Tuesday in September!

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