Happy Valentine’s Day!

A roundup of my favorite someecards:

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There are others, but they’re not appropriate for polite company. 😉

I found the Valentine’s Day card my mom gave me last year. We always exchanged Valentine’s Day cards and gifts in my family, so it’s more than just a sappy, over-commercialized, Hallmark, excuse-to-gorge-on-chocolate holiday to me. My mom and I joked about giving each other “valentimes” because that’s the way our second and third graders pronounced it. This is what she wrote in my card last year:

I count my blessings and we do have a great life. We are very lucky. I’m so blessed to have you Take this and do something for you. I love you, Mom

I don’t remember what was in the card. I must have done something nice for myself with it. Thankfully, I still have the card to remind me of how much my mom and I loved each other.

Edited to add: I just read about Generosity Day on Facebook. Brene Brown, a professor at the University of Houston, is an inspiration to me as I radically transform my life. Much more about her and her important work later, but for now, please join me in celebrating Generosity Day! Mom would have loved this – every day was generosity day for my mother. It is one of the qualities I vowed to develop when I was saying goodbye to her in the hospice. What will you do today to share the love with everyone?

Go forth and be generous, and if you feel like sharing, tell me what you did in the comments. ♥


Update: I had fun with generosity! On Thursday, I bought a bag of groceries for a food drive (you know, the pre-made bags you can get when you check out?) and then tipped the man who helped me carry my bags to the car with a little more money than I usually give. I hope it made him smile when he counted out his tips. On Friday, I took food left over from book club Thursday night to my hair salon for the break room. (Okay, that one was self-serving because I needed to get the food out of the house!) I also gave the woman who washes my hair a little extra money. 🙂

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