Someone posted this picture on Facebook yesterday, and I saved it because it perfectly captures my vision for 2013. Last year, I set a theme-based resolution instead of a goal-based resolution. You can read about it here. My theme for 2012 was Less thinking, more doing, which leads right into this year’s theme: Less thinking, more doing again. It worked pretty well last year, so why change it?

Because of Less thinking, more doing in 2012, I:

  • joined a business networking group
  • met a lot of my neighbors while walking Coco – I feel more connected to my fellow condo-owners now; Coco even made a new friend, Harley, and we’re going to have a playdate at the dog park soon!
  • booked Stella & Dot trunk shows with new hostesses, women I met at other trunk shows, through my networking group, or through mutual friends (most of my 2012 hostesses were women I did not know before the year started!)
  • started walking twice a week with a new friend from the gym
  • spent 2 days in Napa Valley with one of my Stella & Dot besties before our sales conference in San Francisco (check out the link – the house, owned by someone I babysit for, is to DIE for, as is the little town in which it is located, St. Helena)
  • took a spur-of-the-moment bus tour and ate dinner in the Fisherman’s Wharf with a new Stella & Dot friend on the last night of our conference
  • ate dinner with a new friend at a Mexican food restaurant and spilled my life story to her over a damn good margarita
  • said “yes” to three vendor events this fall – although they weren’t big successes financially, I met new people and even enjoyed 2/3 of them!
  • got to name one of the pieces in the Spring 2013 Collection after my mom (my name was pulled in a drawing – I received an entry for meeting a sales goal every month from July 2011 to June 2012, which I did because of Less thinking, more doing!)

There are more, I’m sure, but these are the things that come to mind. Many of my successes were business-related, which is great, because I needed to expand my network of potential customers and hostesses, but aside from that, I made a lot of new friends this year. I also have a lot more confidence about doing new things, because I’ve tried and succeeded many times.

So 2013. Less thinking, more doing. Because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Now, about the picture at the top. I live in Houston, so there will be no Less driving, more walking, m-kay? If I could, I would change that to Less sitting, more walking, because that’s how we roll in the land of freeways and 100° summers. I don’t care how close it is, I’m not going to walk to the nail place/Walgreen’s/Chinese food restaurant down the street!

Tomorrow, a post about what I want to do more of in 2013.

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