When I checked my email this morning, the first thing I saw on the Yahoo Home Page was this from

ready to see if your sun sign will shine in 2013?

Hell yeah, I’m ready!

So I clicked on the 2013 overview for Leo (you’re surprised I’m a Leo? really??) and read this:

Get ready to dig deeply in 2013, Leo. You’re going into a phase of complete and total metamorphosis. This will require considerable self-analysis and probing into your past patterns, but all the work will be more than worth it. You’re on the verge of discovering just how powerful, strong and resilient you are at your very core. If you have ever doubted your strength, after 2013 you’ll never question your resourcefulness again. Saturn, the great karmic lord of trials and tribulations, will be camping out at the base of your horoscope until 2015, so you’ll have plenty of time to delve into the depths. Family issues and psychological patterns inherited from your parents will come to the surface this year, making your more aware of — and able to avoid — negative patterns. Wake up, Leo! Get ready for a major rebirth.

Lucky Jupiter will continue to bring good fortune to your social sector and help you dream big until June. You’ve been so blessed with the amazing people you’ve met over the past year who have helped you reach your goals. The second half of the year, you may want to pull back when Jupiter enters your retreat zone. This is a time of dreaming and scheming before launching into the next chapter of your life in 2014. So the first half of the year will continue to be incredibly social, but give yourself permission to come back to a more internal and creative space during the latter part of 2013.

The eclipse patterns of 2013 will shake up both home and career sectors, so get ready for rapid advance and decline in both arenas. Don’t get too attached to any of the gains or losses in either of these life departments, as they will constantly be in flux until you reach a healthy middle ground — and you will!

How is it that horoscopes speak to everyone under the same sign??? I mean, I’m sooooo ready for my complete and total metamorphosis phase. Bring it on!

Seriously, though – I have met amazing people over the past year who have helped me reach my goals, I am being incredibly social (Downton Abbey premiere party next Sunday!) and I’m all about avoiding negative patterns as I fine tune my relationship with my sister. (I’m a little concerned about Saturn, however. Is camping out at the base of my horoscope a good thing or a bad thing? Will the great karmic lord of trials and tribulations bring me more of them???)

I am firmly in the camp of people who do not like making new year’s resolutions. Resolutions are all or nothing – you either do them or you don’t, and when you (most likely) don’t, you feel like a failure. I like the idea of creating a list of intentions better. Intentions are more forgiving, which, by the way, is one of my intentions this year.

I’m working on my list of intentions and bucket list items in preparation for my major rebirth. Details tomorrow.

43 is the new 33!

Oh – if you want to see what 2013 holds in store for you, click here. 🙂

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