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For those of you wondering how/why the heck I became the girl who sells jewelry, read this!

My Stella & Dot bestie and graphic designer extraordinaire, Rachela Brisindi, wrote a Facebook post about the reason she became an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot, and since I could have written it myself, I am going to publish it here in lieu of actually writing it myself (altered slightly from the original Facebook version.)

Take it away, Rachela!

I think it’s time to come clean & talk about the “home party,” so I am going to admit something that I probably shouldn’t. I used to be so closed off about the whole concept of the home party. I didn’t want to be invited & I certainly wasn’t about to host one. I actually went to my first Stella & Dot Trunk Show kicking & screaming (well, not really) but I wasn’t overly excited about the prospect of getting together to sit in a semi-circle to listen to someone ramble on about products I had no interest in or to pressure me into buying something I didn’t really want or even like just so I wouldn’t feel like a shmuck. I didn’t want to play any games, I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good afternoon on something that wasn’t my scene. That is, until I went to a Stella & Dot trunk show hosted by one of my really good friends, who upon hearing she was hosting, shocked the heck out of me. I thought “Really, am I at the age now where my friends are going to start hosting these things?”

But I went anyway and it wasn’t anything like I expected. I loved the casual atmosphere. I loved the pretty boxes & packaging (as a graphic designer, it appealed to me big time!) I loved that there was no presentation, no gimmicks, no sales pitch, no games and best of all, it was a really fun afternoon catching up & hanging out with my friends but with the added bonus of trying on gorgeous jewelry that celebrities were wearing, giving each other instant feedback, and shopping from the comfort of my friend’s living room. And learning that surprisingly, over half of the line is under $60 (Canadian) & there is something for everyone!

The most memorable part for me was when I tried on a piece (the Medina) that I didn’t think I could pull off. I never even wore jewelry before, so this was huge. Everyone raved about how amazing it looked. So I just had to have it! It’s still my favourite thing to wear a year and half later.Then I started to notice the S&D rep and how much fun she was having hanging out with us, drinking wine, eating cupcakes and engaging in conversation. She was actually getting paid to make friends & drink wine. So I asked her if she got paid well, was all this jewelry hers, how did it work, etc etc. She gave me a magazine to flip through about the job opportunity and it took me about 3 months to finally decide – and I honestly wish I had just done it right away. Best decision I ever made.

So consider this for a second – I didn’t even want to go to a “home party” in the first place because I had been so turned off by the concept with my past experiences, I never even wore jewelry (except on special occasions) and now all of a sudden, I’m asking about doing this as a part time job!?!Why am I telling you this? Because none of this would have happened if I had continued to think so negatively about home parties. Stella & Dot is different. The bottom line is this… if you like our stuff and want free jewelry and a good time with your friends, what’s the hold up?! Book a trunk show. What’s the worst that can happen? No one shows up?! Who cares? But in my experience, that has NEVER happened. Best case (which is also what normally happens) is you’ll get a bunch of free jewelr and a great time.

Interested in a fun, part time job? Shoot me a message & I’ll send you some info. {Rachela posted her info here, but I’ll post mine: ckgartner [at] yahoo [dot] com.}

P.S. There’s nothing wrong with home parties. I now have a huge appreciation and a completely different perspective on the whole direct selling industry. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. So kudos to you in whatever market you’re in!!

Your mother’s (grandmother’s???) home party.


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