Confessions of a Single Girl

I am almost 43 years old, and I haven’t had a roommate since right after college. I’ve let certain bad habits creep into my life, and today, I’m coming clean about them. Ladies and gentlemen, a(n) (in)complete list of my flaws:

  1. I am a murder of plants. A few months ago, I spruced up my patio. I even blogged about it. I’m too embarrassed to post a picture of what my patio looks like now.
  2. Sometimes, when I run out of toilet paper, I use Kleenex. And vice versa. This can go on for days.
  3. I absolutely HATE taking out the trash. On a good day, if I manage to bag everything up and set it in my garage, I consider that a major accomplishment.
  4. I forget to carry canvas bags into the grocery store. Sometimes I’ll buy one at checkout then store it with the other bags I forget to take with me to the grocery store.
  5. I only make my bed if company’s coming.
  6. There is a trail of shoes leading from my front door to my shoes and handbags closet.
  7. An entire closet devoted to shoes and handbags, you ask? Why yes, yes I do.
  8. My dishwasher is usually full of bowls and spoons from all the cereal and ice cream I eat.
  9. I keep my thermostat at 72 during the summer, which in Houston is March through October. No one complains.
  10. At this point, the recycling is taller than I am.
  11. I leave the lights on in every room, even during the day. (I didn’t realize this was an issue until my mom stayed with me for two weeks while she had work done on her house, and it drove me crazy that she kept turning off all the lights!)
  12. I sort my silverware when I load the dishwasher (which isn’t really a bad habit but would probably annoy someone else.) I put all the small spoons together (see #8) and then organize the knives, forks, large spoons, and other utensils into separate compartments.
  13. As long as I have coffee, French Vanilla Coffee Mate, cereal, and milk, I don’t really have to go to the grocery store.
  14. If I don’t have any cereal and/or milk but I do  have waffles, I still don’t have to go to the grocery store.
  15. Sometimes I eat breakfast, lunch, and  dinner in bed.
  16. I wait until the last possible minute to do laundry before leaving on a trip. I have (occasionally) packed damp clothes in my suitcase.
  17. It’s a miracle if my clothes get hung up.
  18. I don’t really have a bedtime routine.  Sometimes I brush/floss/wash my face/moisturize/go to bed before midnight, sometimes I don’t.
  19. I leave coffee cups, water glasses, and bowls (again, see #8) all over the house.
  20. I consider it cooking when I heat up something from My Fit Foods.

And that’s it! A complete list of all the things I do/don’t do because there’s no one here to bug me about them. I do wish I had someone to cook and/or take out the trash, but I secretly enjoy being single because that means I don’t have to change my ways. 😉

Any other singles out there with habits you’d have to change if you acquired a roommate/spouse/significant other? Time to ‘fess up!

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