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What was your teeny tiny pig moment this week?


By now, you’ve probably seen this adorable video of Hamlet, the mini pig, conquering his fear of the steps and boldly flinging himself into a bowl of oatmeal. We should all have the courage of Hamlet! (Although I’m a little concerned that his name might point to a bleak future….)

Did you have a moment (or two) this week when you mustered up that twenty seconds of courage and did something you were afraid to do? My teeny tiny pig moment this week was the result of something I did about two months ago.

I love my job as a Stella & Dot stylist, but I wasn’t meeting enough new people to expand my network of potential customers and hostesses. In Stella & Dot terms, I needed to transform my Who Do You Know List into a Who Do You Want To Know List. I found out about a business networking group called BNI and joined a Houston chapter.

BNI is a category-exclusive networking and referral group, which means that once you have a member who is a CPA/residential real estate agent/caterer/landscaper, that category is closed to anyone else who wants to be a member. I joined a chapter that meets about 5 minutes from my home, which is perfect since the meetings are on Wednesday mornings at 7:00!

The first time I walked into a meeting, I saw 50 strangers, milling about and going through the breakfast buffet line. I grabbed a plate, helped myself to some scrambled eggs and a muffin, then found an empty chair at one of the tables. Fast forward to last night: one of my  new BNI friends (she’s also my chiropractor now) hosted a trunk show at my condo. She invited other women from BNI, and we had a great time, drinking wine, eating cheesecake stuffed strawberries, and playing with the jewelry. I wouldn’t have had that trunk show if I hadn’t dived headfirst into networking in May. Now, not only do I have new customers and potential hostesses, but I also have new friends!

What was your teeny tiny pig moment this week? Please share in the comments!

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