Five on Friday: Tidbits

A collection of awesome things on the web lately.


As a hearing-impaired person (and someone who stubbornly refused to wear her hearing aid as a child), this warms my heart immensely.

The Blue Ear

Four-year old Anthony Smith didn’t want to wear his hearing aid because superheroes don’t wear them, so his mom, Christina D’Allesandro, asked Marvel Comics for help. Watch what happens when Anthony discovers that superheroes need listening devices, too!


I Want Her Job is a “website for independent-thinking women everywhere in search of the next best thing.” From founder, Brianne Burrowes:

Through I Want Her Job™ I’ve had the opportunity to interview successful women from all over the country, and even world, who love their jobs. These are women who wake up excited to go to work and set ideas into motion. These are women who take the time to stay late and answer that e-mail from someone dying to get into their industry. These are women who have found what makes them professionally happy right now and want to help you make your dreams come true.

This week is Stella & Dot week. Brianne and her team interviewed four stylists about what they find fulfilling about their jobs. I especially like former teacher, Amanda Keely’s, interview.

Click to read interview


Christopher Jobson describes his blog, Colossal, as

…the intersection of art, design, and physical craft. I enjoy artwork that is tactile, physical and non-digital in nature, especially sculptural work and installations that use impossible numbers of components, or sequences in a process. During the course of a week you’ll find roughly 15-20 posts on photography, design, animation, painting, installation art, architecture, drawing and street art. I share things that I feel are accessible to everyone, requiring little explanation or theory, so in that sense, I hope people not involved directly in the arts can also find it interesting.

I collected miniatures growing up and spent countless hours setting up furniture and accessories in my little, red farmhouse with black shutters and white trim and a green porch swing in the front. My dollhouse had wallpaper and was wired for electricity, and Mom, Dad, Billy, Mary Ann, and the baby (I can’t remember her name!) lived there happily amongst the tiny home goods. Which is why I flipped out when I saw the pictures in this post:

Incredible Miniature Food Sculptures

Flipped out, I tell you! I would have died to find these at my favorite miniatures shop, Jacqueline’s, and I would have thrown money at them like a gambler on a winning streak. Look at the crust on that french loaf! And the salami! And the avocado!!! Adorable! I might have to get some of the sculptor’s miniature food jewelry on etsy. I’m not kidding. It’ll look good with my Stella & Dot, right???


One day, Karen, a Canadian TV host, looked around her house, saw that it was not good, and sold everything in it. Then she redecorated., finishing the  entire project in one month. O. M. G.

The Art of Doing Stuff


I love Kate’s philosophy: women should be able to eat cake and not feel guilty about it. She blogs about beauty, body image womanhood, and dessert at eat the damn cake. At the end of each blog post, she does an “Unroast” – something she likes about the way she looks that day, and why she likes it. She also posts pictures of women eating cake. The next time I’m eating cake, I shall take a picture of myself and send it to her. 🙂

Cake Gallery

Have a fabulous weekend!

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