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A month ago, I didn’t even know these beauty products and fashion accessories existed, but now I can’t live without them! Take a peek:


Natural Very Emollient Cream Shave

I bought this the other day at Central Market because I only had time to make one stop on my way home from working out, and I wanted to get dinner (chicken fajita salad – yum!), paper products, and toiletries. I needed shaving cream, but CM didn’t have very many choices. I grabbed this one because it was extra-conditioning and unscented. From the description online:

Give sensitive skin the shave it craves. 
This natural, soap-free, extra conditioning formula is packed with rich botanical emollients for a soft, smooth shave. Enriched with aloe vera, chamomile, lavender and vitamin E, this concentrated, hydro-active cream maximizes water absorption to help fight dryness and chaffing. The result is effortless razor glide and a comfortably close, soothing and conditioned shave with less irritation. Hypo-allergenic.

Boy, does this deliver! It’s thick and creamy, not foamy, and it felt like I was moisturizing while shaving. We’re having shorts and swimming weather in Houston, so it’s time to get rid of unsightly hair – no more “I’ll just wear pants today!” I think I will go back and buy 4 more so I’ll always have it in stock! And at $6.99, it’s a very reasonably priced very emollient cream shave! (Plus, I get to use the word “emollient” in a blog post!) 🙂


TNS Essential Serum

This stuff is expensive as heck, but it is a miracle worker for your skin. It is the best product for healing and rejuvenating damaged skin – and I’ve tried a LOT – and you only need to use a pea-sized portion of it once a day, so it lasts a long time. Enter to win a free TNS Essential Serum here. If you win, let me know!!!


Nordstrom Intimates Comfy Straps

If you are extra-blessed in the chestal region like I am, chances are you’ve experienced bra straps that dig into your shoulders and/or straps that don’t stay in place. This little lingerie accessory solves both problems! You just slip the strap inside the silicone holder, and voilà! All your (bra strap) worries disappear! Just throw them in the wash with your lingerie to clean.


KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray

My stylist at Studio 3 uses this when she’s blow drying my hair. It feels like a cold burst of, well, spray on my roots. (Okay, this is what it’s like: have you ever had a wart frozen off? That’s what the spray feels like.) It lifts and smooths and styles. It’s also good for reviving limp or day-old hair, although I think it’s probably more effective with long hair you can wear differently the next day (pony tail, braid, messy bun) or short hair that you just sort of fluff and go. My in-between length looks best if I wash and blow-dry it every day, which is a PITA. Maybe I’ll learn to like the refreshed look this summer.

Do you have any style, beauty, or fashion products you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to have a list of reader-tested products!

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