She’s the One


There is nothing I love more than a great Broadway show. It’s the finale. The energy is palpitating; the audience is on its feet; the actors take their final bows. Then the curtain closes, the lights come on, the side doors open, and theatre-goers spill out into the streets of New York City – it takes my breath away every time.

I watched NBC’s Smash this spring, and although I didn’t love every minute of it, I loved it enough to be enthralled with the last scene of the season. I am torn about who should play Marilyn. Megan Hilty is wonderful as the Broadway chorus veteran looking for her big break, and Katharine McPhee gives her a run for her money as the newbie who lucks into a plum role fresh from the cornfields. I leaned toward Megan because I thought her extensive musical theatre experience infused her character, Ivy, and therefore Marilyn with more depth than Katharine’s ingenue, Karen, did, but Katharine gave some knockout performances. I am still waffling.

At its best, when the subplots fade away and the focus is on mounting a Broadway show, Smash makes me feel like I, too, could fulfill my dream of being on Broadway. Tonight’s episode had me scrambling to remember the lyrics to one of my favorite show tunes:


I hope the show continues to spotlight the demands of producing a show on Broadway; that is what I (and most viewers, I imagine) want to see.

P. S. Click here to see what a Broadway fanatic I am. 🙂

2 thoughts on “She’s the One

  1. I too was torn about who should be Marilyn. my coworkers all pulled for McPhee, but I really liked Hilty as Marilyn even though her character is simply not likable. Katherine McPhee is so beautiful as a brunette, it seems ridiculous to put that blonde wig on her. I have really enjoyed this show- the musical numbers of Bombshell were wonderful, definitely the strength of Smash.

    1. I know – Katharine in a blond wig was harder to believe as Marilyn. Megan nailed it in so many ways. I just hope they stick to the music, dancing, and behind-the-scenes of creating a show next season. Then it will really be a Smash! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) 😉

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