Five on Friday: Picture Perfect

I love rounding up my favorite finds on the internet and sharing them with you on Fridays. Here are some of this week’s treasures:


Via my friend, MaryAnn’s, blog:

Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos of Daughters

Loose tooth!


Ya gotta love this one!

Family Sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the Way to School


Love this new blog! Fashion, beauty, accessories, interior design, parties, food, music, AND New York!!!!! It’s like they called me and asked what kind of blog I’d most like to see out in the blogosphere. Heaven!



I found this one last week, but I didn’t do a Five on Friday post, so I’ll throw it in here. This blogging bride entrusted her wedding plans to her blog readers (like Today Show Plans a Wedding where viewers pick everything from invitations to honeymoon locale.) Check out The Very Bloggy Wedding!


Where the Twinkie meets the road!

A family friend went to The Biggest Loser Resort in Utah for 8 weeks and chronicled his experiences in a very honest blog, Drop That Twinkie. The pictures of the hikes he did (all 48 of them!!!) are breathtaking. It made me want to sign up for the program and get on the first plane to Utah!

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  1. I agree. The internet can be such a fun place. I love knowing about this project. Thanks for stopping by!

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