Scarf Tying 101

I love the look of spring/summer scarves, but I hardly ever wear them. After March (or February or sometimes even January) in Houston, you don’t really need to ward off the chill (although certain establishments blast their air conditioning in warmer months; wish I could remember which ones!) When I do wear a scarf, I always tie it the same way: put the two ends together, wrap the scarf around my neck, and thread the ends through the loop. Easy-peasy, but not tres chic. I think scarves make great accessories, but, lacking the scarf-tying gene, I am helpless to suggest them. Behold: Scarves Dot Net.

When I saw this picture on Pinterest, I immediately repinned it for future reference. I will probably print it out and give it to customers to hang in their closets. Friends don’t let friends tie scarves badly!

Edited to add: Stella & Dot released a line of beautiful scarves in October 2012. Check out this adorable video our design team put together to show 10 different ways to tie them:


What about you? Do you accessorize with scarves? Is there a knot on the list you can’t wait to try out? Let me know in the comments!

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