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Five on Friday: New Blogs and the F– Word

I find new blogs every day, which is making it VERY difficult for me to limit my computer time, but I can’t help myself! I love, love, love, blogging! Here are some fantastic blogs for your viewing pleasure:


Sadie & Daisie

Sadie commented on my scarf-tying post, and when I clicked on her name and visited her blog, I was so taken with her posts! The first photo that popped up was this gorgeous living room. I love everything about it (originally found on this blog): the couch – OMG! – the windows, the view, the light, the ottoman. I could be very happy in this room! Sadie blogs about my favorite things – interior design, fashion, and puppies. I have a feeling I will be spending some quality time with her in the future!


The Everygirl

I found this blog from a link celebrity designer and Stella & Dot collaborator, Maya Brenner’s, Facebook page. This is a fairly new blog with TONS of information for every girl who wants to style her own life. It’s a place where women can nurture their creativity and find support for pursuing their dreams, something that really resonates with me right now. Check out the Career section under Features. The editors interview women who have successfully launched their own businesses. (BTW, women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing sector of the private economy.)


The Decorista

Just what I needed: another interior design blog. I am sooooo curling up in my comfy chair this weekend and reading all of her posts. I downloaded her Blogging Bliss E-book; I am really into finding tips on how to grow your blog. It probably says “don’t sit at home all weekend because then you won’t have any good stuff to write about,” but I’m gonna do it anyway. Maybe I’ll go to Starbucks. At least I’ll be out among the living.


Emily Clark

This isn’t really a new blog for me, just rediscovered. I adore Emily’s style – it’s what my style would be if I knew what I was doing. Crisp, clean, transitional with a twist, Emily’s design sense is always on trend, never trendy. And she’s a mom of three – with two more on the way! Whew!


On a more serious note, my friend, MaryAnn, blogs about the F– word (it’s not what you think) at The Blue Room. I’ll have more to say on this topic in the future.

Have you found any great blogs/websites/articles this week? Please share in the comments!

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