Five on Friday: Warm and Fuzzy (and a critique)


A dream is a wish your heart makes, and Lesley Carter’s blog aims to fulfill people’s dreams one bucket list item at a time. Her Bucket List Publication Online Magazine publishes articles about people accomplishing their own bucket lists – from exotic travel experiences to skydiving thrills. Over the last 6 months, readers have submitted their bucket lists to the website, and the author and her team (hubby Darren) are making their dreams come true, aided by contributions from readers. They recently helped a reader, Len, check off an item on his bucket list: riding in a Rolls Royce limo. Check it out:

Ride of a lifetime!


Just one word: brava!

Ashley Judd fights back.


The up side of social media and the internet: you get to find out about stuff like this. Pure joy!

Caine's Arcade
What did we do before time wasters like this? I guess we stood around the water cooler, talking about last night’s episode of Friends or dissecting the latest John Grisham novel (I’m reaching waaaay back here.) It’s hard not to get caught up surfing through a site like this because it’s just so darned clever!
This sloth kind of feels like you should update your blog more frequently.


Here’s a blog post about one of my favorite local designers, Sally Wheat. I love Sally (I taught her daughter two years ago) and I adore her style. Calm and soothing plus quirky and edgy – no one can pull that off like Sally!

Sally Wheat's living room

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