Build a Jewelry Wardrobe: Everyday Essentials

This is the second post in a series about how to build a jewelry wardrobe with pieces from Stella & Dot.

Every woman should have some basic items in her closet: white shirt, well-fitting jeans, blazer, black cocktail dress – there are as many lists of wardrobe basics on the internet as there are women! Here’s a list from Real Simple with seasonless staples plus add-on basics for each season. You can print out the list and use it to take an inventory of your closet: which basic pieces do you have? which do you need? are there any items that need to be repaired, replaced, or donated (torn, stained, more-than-gently used, out-of-date, too big, too small)? Depending on the season, what items should you add to complete your standard wardrobe and begin creating outfits you can rotate and remix throughout the season?

Recently, I went out of town for a few days and packed a small suitcase with jeans, black pants, a few tops, a sweater and one pair of black shoes. With my Stella & Dot jewelry loaded up in my trunk for a show, I knew I could change my look with a necklace, bracelets, and earrings, so I didn’t pack a lot of outfits, and I knew one pair of black shoes would work with everything. What I didn’t realize when I grabbed my favorite pair of black leather ballet flats from the closet and threw them into the suitcase was that they were practically in tatters! An examination in the daylight revealed holes – holes! – loose stitching, scuff marks, and general wear and tear that were not noticeable in a dark closet (guess it’s time to change that light bulb, huh?) Not for the first time in my life, I walked into a shoe store, selected a pair of black leather ballet flats, and walked out wearing my new shoes, leaving the tattered ones behind in the empty shoebox. That’s what makes a wardrobe basic a true staple: you can trade it out for an updated, non-holey, non-scuffed, version and keep on walking!

Building a jewelry wardrobe is just like compiling a classic closet: start with everyday essentials, then add layering pieces, and finish with statement pieces for current looks that follow the season’s colors, designs, textures, and materials. When you have a well–curated clothing and jewelry wardrobe, you can dress an outfit up or down with a few key pieces, confident that you look fabulous in whatever you are wearing!

I recommend starting with Everyday Essentials, including delicate necklaces, studs, and a great pair of hoops. Stella & Dot’s selection of delicate necklaces are universally flattering and easy to wear, adding style to both your work and weekend wardrobes. The following necklaces can be worn separately or layered:

When layering two or more necklaces, simply fasten one on the shortest link and one on the longest, creating a classic, everyday look:

The next item on the Everyday Essentials list is a pair of gold or silver studs. Our Essential Ball Studs come in gold and silver, as do our Soiree Studs:

Finally, Everyday Essentials should include a great pair of hoops. Hoops are easy to style and can be worn alone or with a great necklace, a stack of bracelets, and/or a cocktail ring. I prefer a small to medium hoop, but lately, I’ve been wearing our Heiress Hoops in gold, which pair well with several of our spring statement necklaces like the Campari and the Serenity.

Our Heiress Hoops come in gold and hematite and go from day (plain) to night (sparkle) with a simple switch of sides:

If you prefer a smaller hoop, our Small Fringe Earrings are perfect. The discs hanging from the hoop give a bit of movement and interest:

New this season, the Odette Hoops are a nod to the twisted silver look of the ’80s. I love the medium size and pair them with our silver necklaces, like the Alexandria and the Femme Fatale:

I created two sets in Polyvore to show how to style Everyday Essentials, one dressy look and one casual.

I styled this vibrant, flowy dress with simple accessories to complement the neckline and draw attention to the beautiful teal color:

For a casual look, I used the same jewelry, adding a touch of yellow to make a basic t-shirt, jeans, and blazer outfit feel special:

Having everyday pieces in your jewelry wardrobe is a no-brainer. Add a delicate necklace, studs, or hoops to your outfit, and you look effortlessly put together. Check out my website to find all the jewelry in this post and more!

Stay tuned for more posts about building your jewelry wardrobe. Next up: adding layering pieces for interest and versatility.

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