Sunday Soup

I may start a tradition of making soup on Sundays. I made Pioneer Woman’s Sherried Tomato Soup today, and it was divine! Sautéed onions, diced tomatoes, tomato juice, a cup of Sherry, and some heavy cream with some fresh parsley and basil thrown in for flavor. It couldn’t have been easier to make.

I added an extra splash of Sherry and a little more cream at the end.

The recipe calls for one medium onion, chopped. I cheated a little and bought a container of chopped onions at the store. All I had to do was melt the butter (I think all of PW’s recipes start with butter!) and throw in the onions. For me to keep up this whole cooking thing, I’ve got to cut corners when possible.

Soup, salad, and black eye peas for New Year's Day!

I invited my mom over for homemade soup and served it with a version of a salad my sister makes a lot when we’re in Seattle. The basic formula is lettuce, something cheesy (feta, blue cheese), something sweet/soft (cherry tomato halves, avocado), and something crunchy (walnuts, almond slivers.) I used a ready-to-eat bag of spring mix with baby spinach (I don’t care what they say, I don’t rewash the lettuce before I eat it), some goat cheese crumbles, Craisins (no, I cannot explain why I loathe raisins but love Craisins), and chopped pecans with Paul Newman Light Italian Dressing. We also had cornbread (store-bought) and black eye peas (that’s what it says on the can – not black eyed peas) because that’s what we eat on New Year’s Day in the south.

All packed up and ready to deliver!

After dinner, I packed some containers so I can take dinner to my aunt and uncle tomorrow. This may not seem out of the ordinary – or picture-worthy – but I’ve never done it before. My aunt has been so wonderful to take food to my mom the past two years – homemade split pea soup, lasagna, meatloaf – and because of the whole “no cooking” thing, I haven’t returned the favor. When I called her to say I was bringing dinner to her house tomorrow, she got a little flummoxed! I think she and my uncle will be very surprised by the savory soup and sweet salad!

My inaugural soup-making turned out better than my first batch of cinnamon rolls. I’d like to make dinner for myself (and probably my mom) at least 3 times a week, but I’m going to have to find some recipes that don’t start and end with butter! Sunday will definitely be soup/pot of beans/crock pot meal day. With salad and bread, Sunday Soup will be a great way to wrap up a weekend!

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