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When I turned 40, I did a little assessment of my life: I had a great career as a teacher, a close-knit group of family and friends, and I owned a 2-bedroom condo, which I enjoyed decorating. I was at the top of my game professionally but lacked the quality of life I imagined I would have at 40. So I began to re-imagine: what would I do if I weren’t a teacher? how could I use my intelligence and creativity to support myself? what would I do with an actual lunch hour??? My mind raced in a hundred different directions – dog-sitting, interior design, blogging, private tutoring, professional vacationer – the possibilities were endless. Finally, my mind settled on one word: jewelry.

I started working as an independent stylist for Stella & Dot in October of 2010, selling jewelry at in-home trunk shows and online.  I never dreamed I would be part of a direct sales organization, but before I knew it, I was neck deep in baubles. I loved spending time with adults – they listened when I talked, followed my directions the first time, and didn’t hit, kick, spit, or bite. I got to meet new people, play with jewelry, and make money – all while drinking a glass (or two) of wine! In May, I said good-bye to a 15-year teaching career and began my new life as a self-employed small business owner, and I’ve never been happier!

Having figured out the income-earning piece, I’m ready to focus on the having-a-personal-life piece. I want to spend time with a man who is kind, caring, thoughtful and funny. Now that I don’t have my students’ antics to make me laugh, I need someone with intelligence and a good sense of humor to keep me on my toes. I am open-minded, compassionate, and a good listener – but I do have strong opinions! I have good intuitions and often feel like I am two paces ahead of everyone else. My ideal partner would challenge me intellectually and emotionally, nudging me out of my cozy, kempt corners.

I have a lot of interests: theater, reading, traveling, being outdoors (as long as it’s not in Houston in August), among others. I would love to pursue them with someone, but I’m open to trying new things. (I’m not gonna lie – monster truck rallies are not at the top of my must-do list, but if we’ve exhausted all options, I’m willing to give them a try.)

I hope you will see that I’m warm, witty, and winsome – and worth getting to know better (especially if you like alliteration.) I am a little shy about letting new people get to know me, so don’t expect me to pour my heart out in our first email. If I sound like someone you would enjoy meeting, I hope you will give me a wink. I just might wink back!

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