Girls Rule!

Some of you may know that JC Penney and Forever 21 recently released these t-shirts in their fall collections:

Thankfully, both retailers have pulled these shirts from their shelves, so no girl will be harmed in the name of fashion (at least in regard to these particular sexist t-shirts.) But how did these shirts make it past product development. Who thought this was a good idea???

I signed the petition asking the CEOs of these companies to avoid sexist stereotypes in the clothing they carry. Can you imagine a slogan that said “I’m too black/Latino/Jewish/Muslim to fill in the blank. My white, Christian friend has to do it for me”? Or “I’m too fat to play sports. I leave that to my skinny friends”?

You can sign, too, by clicking JC Penney and Forever 21. I included the following in my signature:

As a former teacher of young girls, it pains me to see merchandise that devalues their intelligence. Having worked to build girls’ self-confidence and interest in mathematics, it is especially galling to see an item of clothing that reinforces the stereotype that girls do not enjoy math. Shame on the designers who created these debasing images, the directors of merchandise who approved them, and the buyers who elected to include them in their fall collections. The fashion industry does enough to erode young girls’ body image without insulting their intelligence, too.

We’ve come a long way, baby. Haven’t we?

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