Aaaaand, this is my first response…


You are indeed, a striking, confident woman, 4050kel. I wish I were worthy šŸ™‚

–your profile caught my attention earlier and I just had to make my presence known by sending you an email.

I must say at the outset, I’m disheartened while writing–I realize the extreme futility of messaging you, but I felt compelled to be upfront and honest. Even though its common knowledge to you, and I’m sure you hear it all the time, you are GORGEOUS. Women like you are proof positive that God must indeed exist–only a God can create a creature as splendorous as the female. I do not message you now with any callous intentions, nor to objectify you–I merely wanted to take some time to affirm what I believe to be an incredibly attractive, well-put-together, knockout of a woman like yourself. You seem like a very interesting person definitely worth getting to know better, and it makes me wish I were up to your standards.

Moments like these make me regret being 26; there is often the perception that youth = tomfoolery. I’ve long been cursed with a strong affinity for women older than me, much to my chagrin. It makes the women in my immediate age range seem ill-suited, and likewise makes the truly great women like you out of reach :)–a paradox in every sense of the word lol.

I’m in my third year of Ph.D work at Rice–Houston still seems new to me, but I like it here. If I find the companionship of a woman half as awesome as you seem to be, I will indeed consider it a blessing.

Have a lovely evening–

Wow! Quite flattering and probably the nicest email I’ve ever received. This is the most well-written composition I’ve seen on the site thus far – what you’d expect from a Ph.D student at Rice (!) – but 26????

Seriously, I’ve already said “no, thanks” to men whose poor writing skills include but are not limited to the following:

  • with that being said
  • your the one for me
  • I am looking for someone to compliment my life
  • I’m not real sure what I want to say
  • get with me and see what happens
  • I’m a giver and not a taker
  • I don’t want to be on this site any more then you do
  • I’m Greg by name

I’m printing this email out and putting it on my refrigerator. And my bathroom mirror. And my dashboard.

I’ll probably laminate it and hang it in my shower.

ETA: I just couldn’t resist adding this gem of a response from another admirer:

“I was just going through your profiles and your picture got blood jumping around in my veins like a ball on a roller coaster…Complimented with a beautiful profile…I momentarily knew i had to meet you…”

13 thoughts on “Aaaaand, this is my first response…

  1. Really wonderful affirmation! You could always meet him for coffee, then do a background check if you are tempted to meet him again :-).

  2. Hello…younger men rock!
    coffee is easy…go for it.
    I have to say that i love the last response you posted though…”I momentarily knew i had to meet you”. Honestly, that is wrong on soooo many levels.

  3. I know – “I wanted to meet you for a moment there, and now I don’t, but I managed to send a quick email letting you know I thought about meeting you for a moment!”

    Then there was the guy hoping to find his soulmate, you know – the Ying to his Yang?

    Don’t even ask me how many apostrophe mistakes I’ve seen in the last week. My eyes! My eyes!

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