• Mom got good news at the doctor – the cancer is stable, which means the study drug is doing what we hoped it would do. Apparently, her data has been published in an actual study – she has the report. A little light reading for the holidays!
  • My Stella & Dot business is going well so far! I’ve closed three trunk shows (one of which was my launch party) and am in the middle of one now. I came up with “Baubles for Books” as a fundraiser for Presbyterian School libraries. My goal is to donate $1000 from my commissions!
  • Just sponsored my first blog, jillgg’s good life for less. Check it out! Jill is a young mom of two adorable kids. She lives in Michigan and blogs mainly about fashion. She’s going to feature some Stella & Dot on her blog in the coming weeks!
  • We leave for Seattle tomorrow. We will spend the night there, and then Pete, Susan, Mom, Anna Jane, and I will hop a plane to Hawaii!!!! Pete and Susan have a friend who is getting married on Maui two days after Thanksgiving, and they needed babysitters. So they persuaded us to go. Mom has never been to Hawaii! This is my first real vacation since we went to Paris last October. I can’t wait!
  • I have 12 days off – we are returning to Houston on November 30, and I’ll go back to school on December 1. I can’t believe I’ll be gone that long. I’m going to miss my doggie!

Aloha and happy Thanksgiving!

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