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Great Gifts Under $30!

I really think I could get used to working remotely from Hawai’i. I just need to get wi-fi outside on the lana’i for an even better setup! This is truly the life!

I thought I’d do a series of Great Gifts posts (just like in Oprah!) featuring my new favorite product, Stella & Dot jewelry. I’ll do gifts for under $30, $40, and $50 and then splurges. There are so many options with S & D – there is truly something for everyone!

So, first up: gifts for under $30. These would be great for a co-worker or cousin if you do a name draw at work or with your family. They would also work for your brother’s girlfriend. You know the one – you try to get her to stand at the end in the family Christmas photo just in case she doesn’t make it past New Year’s.

 {This silk wrap can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Each one is $14 and comes with a small charm. Pair with one of the birthstone charms below  for a unique,  affordable gift for just about anyone on your list.}

{One of these looks great on a delicate gold or silver chain or on a charm bracelet, but the silk wrap is the most affordable option. You can also dangle a birthstone from a leather necklace. $19 each.}

{At $24, this is a nice alternative to the birthstone charm. Wear with silk wrap, leather necklace, or delicate chain. Leather necklace is $14.}

{Although slightly above the $30 price point at $34, this sweet little necklace is perfect for all ages.}

{Matching earrings $29. The earrings also come in gold.}

{I love this bracelet! For $29, I really love it!}

{Adorable, especially as a stocking stuffer. A steal at @24.} 

{Delicate and sparkly, these are great “go-to” earrings for the holidays. $22.}

{These are incredibly light-weight and look good with short or long hair. $24.}

Shop all these and more at my Stella & Dot website!

4 thoughts on “Great Gifts Under $30!

  1. Hmmm…whoever could you be referring to when you spoke of “the girlfriend?”…LOL!!! Don’t think I will invest in any jewels…

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