I was extremely productive today. My goal was to get everything ready for my Stella & Dot launch party tomorrow today. So I picked up another bottle of Pinot Noir Brut at Spec’s, bought several pounds of ornamental gourds and some flowers at Central Market, picked up mini cupcakes at Sugarbaby’s, then cleaned the house, arranged the flowers, and did laundry. I even made my bed.

So I’m spending the night at Mom’s tonight. That way, I literally don’t even have to make my bed before the party tomorrow!

I struggle with perfectionism in entertaining. I have this vision in my head of how everything should look, of myself preparing a delicious appetizer and baking scrumptious Oreo cake balls (okay, so that doesn’t really involve baking), of putting the perfect finishing touches on the decorations – and I forget that my focus should be on my guests. I always try to do too much and then end up rushing around like a mad woman, sweating and cursing (the bad words, the really bad words.) This time, I was determined not to let perfect be the enemy of good. I want to be of sound mind and body so I can enjoy the party and having people over.

Not to mention sell some fabulous jewelry!

{Pictures of the house and jewelry display to come.}

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