Worth Mentioning: Online Artisans

Alternately titled: On My Love of Online Shopping

I love to shop at stores like Ikea, HomeGoods, and Target. Also Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and West Elm. And Home Source (great imported furniture), Louis Shanks, Danish Inspirations, Mitchell Gold-Bob Williams, Ethan Allen, and Kuhl-Linscomb. Basically, I love to shop for anything related to home furnishings and interior design.

I also like to buy accessories and artwork that you can’t find in any of the aforementioned stores. One of my favorite resources for artwork and accessories is I can usually find pieces that are unique, and I like supporting small businesses, so many of which are owned by women.

Some of my favorite online artisans are madebygirl, annechovie, and milkandcookies.

I have this poster from Jen Ramos at madebygirl:

I haven’t bought a frame for it yet (will probably get one at Ikea) but I plan to hang it in my office. I also like these prints:

You can only get one name on the ABC name print, or I would have sent one to Anna Jane. Rats. The LOVE poster comes in a variety of colors, as do most of Jen’s artwork. Jen also has a fun blog.

I adore these pillows from milkandcookies:

And these:

I think I could have an entire closet devoted to pillow storage so I could rotate my pillows seasonally. Or  monthly.

Anne Harwell’s (Annechovie) art was featured in It’s Complicated, a movie I watched solely for the interiors. This print is hanging on a bathroom wall in one of the character’s homes:

I also love these:

You may have seen this a few places:

As far as I know, the design was originally Anne’s (well, not the original British WWII poster, but the modern art!) Anne’s blog is here.

I was recently introduced to an artist from Montreal, Eve, who sells her art at etsy under evajuliet:

I simply must have this one, but I don’t know, en Francais ou Anglais? Really, I don’t know! Help me decide!

I could use one of those prints in every room in my house! Helena, a British blogger, is celebrating her one year blogging anniversary with some great giveaways, including art from Annechovie and Eva & Juliet, both of which I entered. I’ve never won a giveaway before; perhaps this will be my first time!

Another online artisan is Em Tanner of emtannerdesigns. I first saw her initial and big sibling/little sibling t-shirts in a local shop, Petite Maison. Em’s wares have been featured in magazines and on the Today Show and on shows like Jon and Kate + 8 (before it all went to hell in a handbasket!)

She has the cutest backpacks, water bottles, and now, iPhone and iPad covers:

She doesn’t have a cover for DROID yet (the manufacturer doesn’t make one) but she’s working on it! The second she does, I’m ordering it in the green polka dot (or maybe blue). I am a fan of Em’s on FB, and I swear, that girl is constantly working and blogging and mothering and facebooking – I think she must get about 3 hours of sleep a night! I wish I had her energy. Recently, people have been making cheap knockoffs of Em’s work. Jen from madebygirl has had the same problem. I certainly hope Anne from Annechovie licensed all of those Keep Calm and Carry On products!

In conclusion (haven’t written that transitional phrase since high school), shop online artisans for unique wares. Great for gifts for yourself or for others. Support small businesses while stimulating the economy. It’s a win-win, right?

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