Make a Joyful Noise!

So Mom had a CT scan last week as part of the protocol for the drug study she’s in, and she went to see her doctor today for the report. Our wonderful friend, Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy, accompanied her. I didn’t call her from work because I knew if she had received bad news, I wouldn’t be able to handle it, so I didn’t talk to her until I got home tonight.

When I went upstairs, Mom was asleep in her bed with Coco. Visits to MDA usually last longer than you think they will; Mom’s appointment was at 8:30, but she didn’t get home until 1:00. (She did go to The French House for lunch, but that’s still a long wait for an early morning appointment.)

Anyway, I woke her up and asked, “What happened???” Mom replied, “When Dr. Wheler walked in the room, she had a huge smile on her face and said, ‘I have good news!'” And then she fell right back asleep!


I woke Mom again, and she rubbed Coco’s belly, murmuring something about what a good girl she had been today.

Finally, she explained: they did a baseline CT scan in March before Mom started the clinical trial, XL 184. In July, the scans showed 8% growth, which was really good, considering the aggressiveness of this particular cancer. This time, the scans showed a decrease of 3%, which means there has been a total increase of only 5% since March! Mom said the scans are really clear, and you can see the difference in several of the lesions.

When we started, Dr. Wheler said the goal was to keep the cancer from growing but not to expect it to shrink. I can’t believe this medication has actually made some of the cancer go away!!! Mom is going through hell with the drug, so the news that it is working is a tremendous validation of our choice and encouragement for the future!


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