Worshipping at the Church of Sweden

I went to Ikea today instead of church. And it was communion Sunday! I promise I did not eat Swedish meatballs in lieu of bread and grape juice – honest! I wanted to go to church, I really did, but I had pictures to purchase and lamps to look at procure.

{Hate ending a sentence with a preposition, but I love alliteration. What to do, what to do?}

I am trying to pull together my living and dining rooms. All of the major furniture is in place – couch, coffee tables, media shelves, dining room table and chairs – but I have an empty corner in the living room, a blank wall in the dining room, and no window treatments. One side of the living room has no lamps. So, after two hours of wandering through Sweden, I came home with this:

Well, I didn’t actually come home with the curtains – they were out of stock – but I’m considering them. They may be too stark white for the space, although I really like the white-on-white geometric design, and you can hem them with some sort of iron-on hem tape. Yeah, that would be me, considering hemming curtains with iron-on hem tape.

Anyway, the picture frames I got are a little different from the one in the above collage. The ones I got don’t have a mat, they’re just light, thin, silver-grey frames. And, no, I didn’t really need ice cube trays that make ice cubes in cute little shapes, but, hey, they’re adorable and only cost $1.99 each! It’s a crime against Sweden not to get them!

I then went to Pier 1 and bought this chair:

{When I searched for it on the Pier 1 website, I noticed it had been marked down to $169.99 from $199.99 – in the 6 hours since I got it!!!}

I was afraid it would be too bold, too red, too brown, too gold, but I think it works in the space because I don’t have any other patterns (besides the rug), and I really needed some color in the corner. The shape and size are perfect with my couch and the other wood furniture in my living room. So now all I need are two end tables (one for the chair and one for the sofa), a lamp for behind the chair, and the elusive butler’s tray table that I simply cannot find available for purchase anywhere on the World Wide Web! And some curtains. And an end table and lamp for the sleeper sofa in my office. And a desk chair. And a reeeaaaalllly narrow console for my “entryway.”

Possible side tables:

Tomorrow, I will be worshipping at the churches of Fired Clay Animal Shelter, Directional Tree, and Square and Round Containers. I am all about respecting other faiths.

*Pictures of my living and dining rooms tomorrow! I may even be able to put together a “Before and After” if I can find the pictures I took while I was renovating my condo.

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    1. I just got my blogs and coffee poster today! I will now have to go back to Ikea (darn!) to get a frame for it. I love reading your blog, Jen!


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