What I Learned Last Year

In no particular order:

  • how to ride the Metro in Paris
  • how to make scrumdiddlyumptious white chocolate-covered Oreo balls
  • where all the elevators at MD Anderson are
  • that my sister and her husband are amazingly good parents
  • how much I enjoy blogging and reading blogs
  • that silence is golden and I should have treasured it more
  • why you feel lethargic and appear depressed when the calcium level in your body is too high
  • that I really do feel better after I walk three miles on the treadmill
  • to always, always, always check the bottle before taking prescription medication
  • that intravenous hydration therapy can last nine hours if the nurse doesn’t program the drip right
  • how to cook Parmesan-encrusted salmon
  • what ascites is
  • that my mother was right and I should make my bed every morning
  • that sometimes it’s worth it to chat up a stranger on an airplane
  • not to stand between Anna Jane and her ice chips!
  • that the parking spaces at the Marriott Residence Inn on Lake Union are freakishly narrow
  • why we should praise our children for working hard instead of being smart
  • that I am surrounded by many loving, caring, selfless people who will help me out on a moment’s notice
  • that the Hill Country Hyatt is just as nice as Lost Pines
  • that I can use sparkling turquoise polish on my toenails if I want to
  • to let go of things that are weighing me down, even if I have a sentimental attachment to them
  • that acupuncture doesn’t hurt at all
  • that I must get a really good night’s sleep or I don’t function well
  • that my right leg moves an average of 73 times an hour, waking my brain up an average of 15 times an hour
  • that I rarely get a good night’s sleep
  • where to get delicious cake batter yogurt (Swirll)
  • “The Little Towns of Texas” by Clyde Walton Hill
  • that 40 is a long way from over the hill!

4 thoughts on “What I Learned Last Year

  1. I LOVE your blog…

    Any by the way. The St. Francis spring luncheon speaker is the author of Nurture Shock. Think you could get off to go with me?

    1. Is it Po Bronson or Ashley Merryman? No matter – I would be thrilled to hear either one of them speak! I’ll put in my absence request on Monday! 🙂

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