Summer Bucket List: Revisited, Deux

So, I wrote a post about my Summer Bucket List on June 3, checked in on my progress in this post, and now I’m checking in again. I feel like maybe I need a sponsor for my summer “to-do” list. I’ve at least earned my 30 day chip!

  • read Nurture Shock (assigned reading for school) I’ve read the whole book and have written 8 blog posts. Need to do 3 more in the next week or so!
  • read two more of Donald Miller’s books I read Blue Like Jazz at Lost Pines last weekend. It’s the book he was making a movie of when he wrote about story in A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. This is going to count for my “second book” for work. Yesssss – killin’ two birds with one stone!
  • read some fiction I’ve let pile up, including (maybe) the Twilight series Read the whole Steig Larsson series.
  • eat at some of the new-ish restaurants in H-town that I’ve never been to (The Glass Wall, Reef, T’afia, Little Big’s) Ate at Block 7 on Shepherd just off Washington. Drank delicious sangria.
  • redecorate my mantle Done!
  • purchase new throw pillows for my couch (I am in love with this one from Trina Turk, but I don’t know if I can live with the price!) Done! Ordered two more pillows and a throw half off from One Kings Lane. All pillows and throws purchased for less than the cost of one Trina Turk pillow. Although I still love it!
  • completely redo (w/ exception of the pull-out sofa and the existing paint, light fixture, and window treatments) my office/guest room Still in progress. I got a new desk top – it has a little dent in the middle. Trying to live with it. Will begin hanging organization components and art this weekend.
  • label every last box/bin in my garage Fun project for this weekend!  (Air quotes around the word fun.)
  • get rid of some furniture (tables, chairs, computer cart) – ebay? Craig’s List? garage sale? Done! Will have some lamps and accessories to sell after I finish the office.
  • slipcover the oversized chair that currently takes up one corner of my bedroom  Received swatches from Called upholsterer. Slipcovering is freaking expensive. Reconsidering this.
  • start tutoring business I’ve tutored some, not nearly as much as I would have liked.
  • find “best” time to exercise – early in the morning or after sunset I admit it: I’m a treadmill kind of girl. I like walking inside in the air conditioning and watching TV while I walk. I’ve started training again, too.
  • have Coco over and take her to the dog park Coco’s coming for a sleepover this weekend, so maybe we’ll do it tomorrow or Sunday.
  • go to Discovery Green – I can’t believe I haven’t been there once since it opened!
  • go antiquing on Westheimer
  • hang out in the most NYC/Chicago/San Fransisco-like section of Houston – a little block of West Gray just west of downtown
  • see some summer movies – the best air-conditioned escape from Houston’s heat! Saw The Girl Who Played with Fire, would love to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Kids Are All Right, and Inception. And Toy Story.
  • spend lots and lots of time playing with my darling niece! Yes! I think she likes me now!

I also enjoyed a weekend at Lost Pines, started collecting milk glass, and ran out of gas.

That last one wasn’t really on my list, but I’m giving myself credit for doing it anyway.

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