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Really Random Thoughts

Some things I’ve read/seen/heard/done this week:

  1. I saw an ad on Design Sponge for a new (to me) online boutique called Cerulean. I really like this necklace. It speaks to me. It’s saying, “Buy me, buy me!”
  2. I didn’t buy the necklace, but I did buy this decorative coral. I bought one on sale at Pottery Barn earlier in the summer, but when it arrived, it was bigger than a basketball, so I took it back. This one is 6″ tall (the one on the right.)
  3. By the way, Design Sponge is a really cool site. A Brooklyn-based writer started it in August 2004. It features store and product reviews, city, product and gift guides, diy projects, before and after furniture and home makeovers, home tours, recipes, videos, podcasts, and trend forecasting. Whew! A little something for everyone. There are many contributing writers, and there are usually 6-10 new posts daily. Check it out!
  4. Speaking of something for everyone, The Daily Brainstorm is a hub for over 40 different blogs, like Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.
  5. There were two articles in The New York Times that caught my attention: Equity of Test Is Debated as Children Compete for Gifted Kindergarten and The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers. My response to the first article: the research (reported in Nurture Shock) clearly shows that tests for giftedness have no predictive validity in kindergarten. And to the second article: right on!
  6. I must be living under a rock, because I had no idea about this site. CSN Stores offers online shopping for everything from headboards to headbands, all in the same place! It’s like going to the mall, only you never have to leave your couch. Free shipping! Free returns! Free window shopping! Oh, wait. That was already free.
  7. I find as I travel across the internet, I tend to lose track of blogs I like, design inspirations, my mind. So I created a tumblr account so I can have a place to put things I want to remember. 40/30 Files. Fortysomething=Forgetsomething. I hope I remember my password.
  8. I have a moral dilemma: Target’s CEO gave $150,000 to an anti-gay, anti-choice candidate for governor in Minnesota. He also gave money to Michele Bachmann. He’ll probably give money to Tea Party candidate for Senator Harry Reid’s seat, Sharron Angle, soon. I have no problem not shopping at WalMart. I do not like WalMart. But not shopping at Target (to support the boycott)? During back-to-school month? With no sales tax on school-related items? ARGH!!!
  9. I bit my lower lip four times today. Once while eating a sandwich, three times while eating delicious Star Pizza.
  10. Anna Jane is really working hard! She is almost walking – took two steps yesterday – and she can say “ice” and “hi”.

Like I said. Really random thoughts.

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