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One Short Day in the Emerald City

Mom and I are visiting my sister and her family in Seattle. Pete, Susan, and Anna Jane live in one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, Queen Anne. They live at the top of the hill, with the Puget Sound and Elliott Bay to the southwest and Lake Union to the east. Mom and I are staying at the Marriott Residence Inn, right on Lake Union. This is the view from our balcony:

{Lake Union is where Sam and Jonah lived in Sleepless in Seattle.}

I love this colorful sailboat:

{You can’t build houseboats anymore. If you want to live in one, you have to buy one that’s already on the water.}

Tonight, we went to Pike Place Market and ate dinner at Matt’s in the Market. It is in this old building across the street from Pike Place Fish, which is located underneath the Public Market sign in the heart of the market.

{We sat by the window second from right in the picture. I could see the Public Market sign and Elliott Bay from my chair.}

Pete’s friend from high school, Dan, owns the restaurant. Pete said that Dan worked for Pike Place Fish for ten years, selling fish to local restauranteurs, and then he partnered with the owner of Matt’s, eventually taking over the restaurant. They buy all of their produce, meat, and fish from the market stalls downstairs and create seasonal menus based on what’s available. This is Seattle dining at its finest!

The produce and flowers are so beautifully displayed. We bought some nectarines, and I took this photo of some sweat peas:

{Since it was almost closing time, some merchants were selling bunches of sweat peas for $3.00 each!}

{Adorable niece, sweet sister, amazing mom}

There are two really good restaurants to the left in this picture: The Athenian and Lowell’s. Both overlook the sound, and you can eat thick, creamy clam chowder in a bread bowl while watching the ferries cross the bay. The Athenian is where Rob Reiner and Tom Hanks ate lunch in Sleepless in Seattle. They’re talking about dating, and Hanks’ Sam says he doesn’t know what tiramisu is and he’s afraid some woman is going to want him to do it.

{Check out those shoes!!!}

For dinner, we shared the Blue Prawn and Scallop Ceviche. I had seafood stew – lots of clams and mussels, some scallops and halibut, and one prawn in an absinthe broth – and then we shared Peach Bourbon Bread Pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert. {I love it when bread pudding doesn’t have raisins in it!}

If you go to Seattle, Pike Place Market is a must-see. And I highly recommend Matt’s in the Market for a unique dining experience!

{Scroll back up and click on the link to Matt’s for some stunning pictures of the restaurant, market, and surrounding area. Go on – click! You’ll be glad you did!}

All images mine.

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