Worth Mentioning: My Happy Blogs


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This little poster sums it up quite nicely. I really enjoy reading blogs, and if I can do my blog-reading with a Grande, Two Sweet ‘n Low Latte from Starbucks, even better!

Although I have a few friends in real life who blog, most of the blogs I read are written by complete strangers. I like getting a glimpse into the lives of people I never would have “met” if not for this newfound obsession. I have many of my favorite design/lifestyle bloggers in my blogroll, but there are a few blogs I’ve come across lately that I want to highlight. Some are in the house/design category, some in the humor category, and some are just unique expressions of people’s creativity. People are just so clever, and I’m amazed by the many ways in which these writers channel their passions and their gifts into something that makes me smile each day.

This new mom imagines what her daughter is dreaming about during naptime and creates photoshoots that capture whimsical little moments:

{Mila’s Daydreams}

Neil really turned lemons into lemonade with this blog about appreciating the awesome (thanks, Sarah P. H., for pointing me in the direction of this one):

{1000 Awesome Things}

Then there’s the perennially funny Cake Wrecks. Jen and her husband John not only track down the best wrecks in the business but also add snort-worthy captions to boot:

{Cake Wrecks}

I wish I were as clever as Molly, who writes this newish blog about the exciting lives of the people who live in our catalogs:

{Catalog Living}

Julia has a wonderful website dedicated to all manner of houses, but my favorite category on her blog is the one about bad MLS photos:

{Hooked on Houses} 

Do you have any sure-fire pick-me-up blogs?

Happy reading! 

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4 thoughts on “Worth Mentioning: My Happy Blogs

  1. I love “the pioneer woman” – she lives on a ranch in oklahoma and blogs about her kids (which she homeschools), her life, the ranch, and her cooking – she is a riot – try it Kelly!

  2. I have read PW a few times. I think the sheer volume of fabulousness on that blog just overwhelms me! I do not know how she homeschools her kids, cooks, takes care of the ranch, blogs, writes a cookbook, goes on book tours – I feel like such a slacker!

  3. I LOL everytime i look at the catalog one…love it. And, ofcourse Cake Wrecks also makes me laugh til i cry. But, the house one…OMG seriously…seriously…she took a photo of the mirror that showed her taking a photo. “fired” doesn’t begin to cover it.

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