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And in other news…

  • Mom went to her doctor on Tuesday for a follow-up to last week’s visit. The sponsor of her study drug declined to “unblind” her information, which means we can’t find out if she’s been taking the drug (XL 184) or a placebo. We are pretty well convinced she’s on the drug since she has symptoms that just can’t be explained by placebo effects. So the good news remains: the tumors have not increased in size in six weeks, which is a big HOORAY! The bad news is that she has to continue taking whatever she’s been taking, and (if she is on the study drug) her doctor can’t lower the dosage to relieve some of Mom’s worst symptoms. Bummer.
  • Mom has been feeling pretty well, all things considered. She said she woke up hungry again today and ate two pieces of French toast. Yesterday, she ate two pieces of French toast and two pieces of bacon. Which is, apparently, the same thing Anna Jane ate for breakfast (minus the bacon). That baby can eat!
  • Also, Mom had a procedure to drain the fluid from her abdomen on Thursday (called paracentesis). The doctor took 1.6 liters, which sounds like a lot but is actually less than half of what they got the first time she had the procedure done in April. When she had it done in April, the fluid (cancer produces it’s own blood supply, but the vessels are leaky, so the fluid – ascites – can build up, causing discomfort) had been building up in her belly for who knows how many months. She was really uncomfortable and had a hard time eating because she would get full so fast. In April, she had only been on the study drug for 3 weeks, so the drug probably hadn’t had much of an effect yet. After the first procedure and about 15 more weeks of treatment, the fluid wasn’t as bad and there wasn’t as much of it, so I take that as a sign that the drug is hindering the cancer’s ability to create its own blood supply. Which means the cancer can’t “feed” itself. Which means the cancer won’t grow at an alarming rate (I hope!)
  • With barely a week left of summer vacay, I’m finally getting some of my summer projects done today! Exchanged the top of my new desk at Pottery Barn. It was damaged on the front left corner. The new desk has a small dent in the middle. Trying really hard to let go of my perfectionism. Filling in and painting some gashes/holes in the walls. (Maybe) hanging up the components of my PB organizing system and this great mirror I got from One King’s Lane:
  • I still need to find a desk chair, recover/slipcover the ottoman, and get new pillows for the office. And a new bookshelf, an end table, some new lamps, and maybe a new ceiling fan. And some artwork. Do I have to go back to school?
  • Art ideas from etsy:



  • The other day, I went to HomeGoods and was in the store for all of ten minutes (didn’t find a thing I liked) and when came out and tried to start my car, it wouldn’t. So I called trusty Triple A, and they came within 15 minutes! I barely had time to read about Brad and Angelina’s solid relationship and Mel’s meltdown in last week’s People before my rescuer, Richard, appeared, with a new battery and a cold bottle of water. He analyzed my battery (dead) and proceeded to install the new one. As I was signing the paperwork, he pointed to my left ring finger and said,

             “You’re not married?”


             “Ohhhh. Single woman! Now you can go out and get wild.”

             Huh??? You mean in my 8 year old, (slightly) beaten up, silver Saturn sedan?

             After I’ve been sweating in the in the parking lot of HomeGoods for an hour?



3 thoughts on “And in other news…

  1. I am with Karen…re: Richard. And, Kelly isn’t that the 2nd time you have been “approached” in a week? Remember at Lost Pines the guys from the Meat convention…mmmmm….just sayin’.

    1. Ah, yes! “Hello, ladies!” and the guy in the elevator. Why, oh why, couldn’t it have been, like, some geeky, literary convention (only cute geeky literary guys, of course!) Service men (movers, car repair guys, telephone salesmen) are, oddly, attracted to me.

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