Which wreath?





I love these wreaths by twoinspireyou, but I can’t decide which one I want for my front door. I love the yellow and greens in the boxwood wreath and the berry wreath, but the flowers in the basket look so cheerful! I am leaning toward the boxwood wreath because a.) it’s the cheapest and b.) it’s square, which I think is kinda cool. I’ve never had a square wreath on my door before.

Here’s a picture of my front door the way it looks now. I hung this Smith and Hawken wreath I got at Tar-jhay just so it wouldn’t be bare, but  it’s too small and doesn’t really have that bright, welcoming feeling I want for the entrance.

I wish I knew how to do some cool design trick like superimposing each wreath on the door to see which one I like better!

Which wreath do you like?

🙂 Kelly

Updated with a picture of the new wreath on my door:



3 thoughts on “Which wreath?

  1. i’d go with the square one, or the circle…don’t like the basket one too much. Square is coolest though. (to me)

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