Summer Bucket List

A blogger I like, Shawni, who writes 71 Toes, created a Summer Bucket List for herself and her family. Mostly for her family (she has 5 beautiful kids), but there are a couple of mom-only things on the list, too.

{The “71 Toes” refers to her precious youngest daughter’s condition, Bardet-Beidl, of which one of the indicators is the presence of a 6th toe on one foot. Also, I don’t know why I’m so drawn to the Mormon mommy blogs – I just am. But it doesn’t hurt that her hubby is easy on the eyes!}

So, I’m inspired to create my own Summer Bucket List, Houston style (read: lots of things that involve being in air-conditioned settings!)

  • read Nurture Shock (assigned reading for school; thinking about doing a series of blog posts about it)
  • read two more of Donald Miller’s books
  • read some fiction I’ve let pile up, including (maybe) the Twilight series
  • eat at some of the new-ish restaurants in H-town that I’ve never been to (The Glass Wall, Reef, T’afia, Little Big’s)
  • redecorate my mantle
  • purchase new throw pillows for my couch (I am in love with this one from Trina Turk, but I don’t know if I can live with the price!)
  • completely redo (w/ exception of the pull-out sofa and the existing paint, light fixture, and window treatments) my office/guest room
  • label every last box/bin in my garage (maybe should install air conditioning in there first???)
  • get rid of some furniture (tables, chairs, computer cart) – ebay? Craig’s List? garage sale?
  • slipcover the oversized chair that currently takes up one corner of my bedroom  {purchased in ’90s – ARGH! for the chair and a half trend} but slipcovering should be less expensive than buying a new chair (leaving money for the Trina Turk pillow???)
  • start tutoring business
  • find “best” time to exercise – early in the morning or after sunset (or maybe walk on a treadmill at West U Fitness – again with the air conditioning!!!)
  • have Coco over and take her to the dog park
  • go to Discovery Green – I can’t believe I haven’t been there once since it opened!
  • go antiquing on Westheimer
  • hang out in the most NYC/Chicago/San Fransisco-like section of Houston – a little block of West Gray just west of downtown
  • see some summer movies – the best air-conditioned escape from Houston’s heat! {loved Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and just about all of Judd Apatow’s movies, but not quite sure about Get Him to the Greek, and SATC2 just isn’t getting good reviews – I feel like life’s too short to see a bad movie}
  • spend lots and lots of time playing with my darling niece!

Also: lose weight (!), find a voice teacher, and take a design class. I think I’m gonna need a bigger bucket!

So those are the “big” plans for summertime in Houston. {Houston-area blog readers/friends are more than welcome to join me for any of my outings and activities!)

ETA: Crossed one off my list! Pics of the new mantle tomorrow!

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