Summer Bucket List: Revisited

So, I wrote a post about my Summer Bucket List on June 3, and I thought I should check in and see how I’m doing 25 days later.

Let’s see:

  • read Nurture Shock (assigned reading for school; thinking about doing a series of blog posts about it) I’ve read 8 chapters and written 7 blog posts, so progressing nicely.
  • read two more of Donald Miller’s books
  • read some fiction I’ve let pile up, including (maybe) the Twilight series Read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (loved it) and saving The Girl Who Played with Fire for the plane ride to Seattle.
  • eat at some of the new-ish restaurants in H-town that I’ve never been to (The Glass Wall, Reef, T’afia, Little Big’s) I did go to the newly renovated Brennan’s – does that count even though I’d eaten there before?
  • redecorate my mantle Done!
  • purchase new throw pillows for my couch (I am in love with this one from Trina Turk, but I don’t know if I can live with the price!) Done! (And I didn’t pay too much for the pillows!)
  • completely redo (w/ exception of the pull-out sofa and the existing paint, light fixture, and window treatments) my office/guest room In progress – Pottery Barn desk arrived and I put it together, but it’s damaged on one corner so has to be exchanged. Waiting on Ballard Designs to deliver the file-cabinet-that-looks-like-a-dresser. Literally waiting right. this. very. minute. They were supposed to come between 8 & 12 this morning, then at 2…now it looks like rain.
  • label every last box/bin in my garage (maybe should install air conditioning in there first???)
  • get rid of some furniture (tables, chairs, computer cart) – ebay? Craig’s List? garage sale? Done! Took $80 for a dining table, 4 chairs, coffee table, and side table (all Crate and Barrel circa: 1996) and the guy who bought the furniture also hauled away my old computer and the computer cart!
  • slipcover the oversized chair that currently takes up one corner of my bedroom  {purchased in ’90s – ARGH! for the chair and a half trend} but slipcovering should be less expensive than buying a new chair (leaving money for the Trina Turk pillow???) Ordered a bunch of swatches from
  • start tutoring business In progress – only two clients so far (actually, 3 because 2 of them are twin girls!)
  • find “best” time to exercise – early in the morning or after sunset (or maybe walk on a treadmill at West U Fitness – again with the air conditioning!!!) Sad to report, FAIL. Am thinking about starting up with my personal trainer again, though.
  • have Coco over and take her to the dog park
  • go to Discovery Green – I can’t believe I haven’t been there once since it opened!
  • go antiquing on Westheimer
  • hang out in the most NYC/Chicago/San Fransisco-like section of Houston – a little block of West Gray just west of downtown
  • see some summer movies – the best air-conditioned escape from Houston’s heat! {loved Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and just about all of Judd Apatow’s movies, but not quite sure about Get Him to the Greek, and SATC2 just isn’t getting good reviews – I feel like life’s too short to see a bad movie}
  • spend lots and lots of time playing with my darling niece! Had a great time when she and her parents visited two weekends ago and got to babysit her all by myself! Leave for Seattle on Wednesday with Mom for a week’s visit.

Also: lose weight (!), find a voice teacher, and take a design class. I think I’m gonna need a bigger bucket!

Some things that weren’t on the bucket list but I’ve done or will do soon:

  • buy a summer wreath for the front door

  • celebrate some special June birthdays
  • have lunch(es) with friends
  • host a small dinner party at my house (My new entertaining philosophy? Don’t cook! Order takeout!)
  • spend a weekend at Montreat!

And countless other little things that are making me feel productive, relaxed, and invigorated this summer!

Updated: So the Ballard people finally came. The chest looks pretty good in the space. The drawers are a little whomperjawed, and the warranty/manual is on the bottom of the chest underneath the second drawer…but other than that, it’s okay. It’s kind of hard to get excited about the office redo when the drawers are off and the PB desk is damaged, but, as my friend RM says, these are TAFWP*, so I’ll deal.

*Tiny Ass First World Problems 

5 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List: Revisited

  1. I am reading “Nurture Shock” too! And I do believe I have one of those 14/15 year olds right now! So, that means it WILL get better, right???

  2. Oh, I think so. You have your head on straight as a parent. I do think we just have to do the best we can, weather the turbulent years, and realize that adolescence is part nurtue and part nature – brain chemistry and development impacts how kids think/feel/act, independent of established “norms”. I was just so cautious and timid socially at that age, so I didn’t have any reason to act rashly. I was a late bloomer!

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